Assistant Minister Sheriff Urges Young Leaders To Exhibit Good Values

The Assistant Minister for Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Millias Z. Sheriff, is encouraging young leaders to embrace good moral values.

Delivering the keynote address at the induction of the newly-elected officers of the Tewor District Youth for Progressive Action (TEWFPA) over the weekend, Sheriff indicated that for a leader to make impact, that leader should have good moral values.

He pointed out that one key attribute of a good leader is to project a positive image for the good of themselves, family, and those that believe in them.

The Assistant Youth and Sports Minister noted that such representation can only be possible if the leader is morally constructive.

The youthful Minister added that as young leaders, they will soon be taking over as national leaders; and therefore it is very important that they are guided by moral principles so that they cannot be an embarrassment to society.

“As young leaders, the level of positivism rests on your character; a good character produces a good leader; so let us fight to transform our district, county, and our country positively,” the Assistant Minister for TVET said.

“We cannot call ourselves leaders and allow arrogance to be the order of the day. You cannot call yourselves leaders and allow yourselves to be drunkards or be involved in corruption,” Minister Sheriff warned.

He is therefore calling on the youthful leadership of Tewor District to lead with good moral values.

Earlier, in his inaugural address, the Chairman of the Tewor Youth for Progressive Action, Olando Sherman, said his leadership’s priority is to unite the young people of the district, something which, he said, is the gateway to development.

According to Chairman Sherman, there has been disunity among the young people of the district, dating as far back as the 2019 Senatorial By-Election and the 2020 Midterm Senatorial Election.

He said his leadership will ensure that the young people will reduce their focus on following politicians to their personal advancement.

“We want to reintroduce the TVET program at the various youth centers in the district so that young people can get engaged in training so that they will not just be sitting but must get involved in their advancement,” Chairmen Sherman disclosed.


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