Bali Island Renamed “Mohatma Gandhi Convention Center” -Weah Hopeful Of Completing Resort in 24 Months

Having been scorched for hours by radiation under a makeshift canopy at the Fendall campus of the University of Liberia while attending a graduation ceremony, President Weah is hopeful that the construction of a 4,000-capacity conference hall will be completed in 24 months by the Indian government.

The National Legislature put the final dot on a piece of legislation changing the Island’s name from Bali to the Mahatma Gandhi International Conference Center, after the iconic leader of India, Mohandas Karamch and Gandhi.

“On Tuesday, we were at the UL Fendell Campus under a very uncomfortable condition only because there was not a place in Monrovia to take in thousands of graduates and others attending a graduation program,” President Weah said Wednesday as he commissioned the National Population Census Commission at the C. Cecil Dennis Conference Hall at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“That’s is while I am very anxious to see a new conference hall on the Bali Island completing soon so that we have a modern, cozy and spacious conference hall that can take in up to 4,000 persons at a time,” the President further said. “We are working towards this project and I am hopeful that at least in the next 24 months, we will have it turned over to government, the people of Liberia and foreign friends who desire a nice place to assemble.”

President Weah said the Bali Island Project, one of his government’s flagship many development initiatives, is still actively alive and that he is exerting enormous efforts into realizing the monumental feat.

“Sitting in the sun for four hours at the commencement convocation of the University of Liberia (UL) was a tough one; this is why I am making sure that Bail Island is constructed so that people go there to relax and enjoy having programs and activities of all sorts,” President Weah asserted.

In the first two months of his presidency, the President toured the Island which the government intends to transform, with funding from the Indian Government, into the “new Monrovia City,” constructing a state-of-the-art Conference hall, banks, shopping malls and other structures of national importance.

President Weah also thanked officials of government for working so diligently and effectively to achieve deliverable goals set.

“I want to thank all of you, ministers, for excellent job well done,” he asserted and added: “We are in our first year and I know the performance is not bad. I know that we expected a tough one when we came but with the young men and women we brought on board, we have done well.”

He also allayed whatever fears his officials might have harbored in the wake of speculations that there would be a reshuffle.

“That is just something in the media; perhaps to have you distracted from doing your job,” he said. “Once you are doing your job properly, there is no need to listen to weird perceptions and speculations outside there.”

Meanwhile, President George Manneh Weah has signed into law three major Acts of the Legislature, including an Act to name the Bali Island and the Mohatma Gandhi Convention Center.

The purpose of the Bali Island Act is to officially name a specific parcel of the land Bali Island and a proposed convention center as the Mahatma Gandhi Convention Center, according to a presidential release issued on Monday, December 16, 2018.

The other two Acts passed by the 54th Legislature and signed by President Weah are the “Act to Amend the Revenue Code of Liberia, A.D. 2000, as amended by the Consolidated Tax Amendment Act of 2011 to Reform Excise Tax Law (2018)” and the “Act to Ratify the International Convention on the Mutual Administrative Assistance for the Prevention, Investigation and Repression of Customs Offences (Nairobi, 9 [June] 1977) World Customs Organization”.


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