Chinese Envoy Assures Preparedness To Support Liberia


Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, FU Jijun, has said China stands ready to work with other partners to support Liberia in achieving its Pro-Poor policy aimed at moving ordinary Liberians from the state of poverty to prosperity.

Speaking at programs marking China’s 69th independence anniversary at the Chinese Embassy in the Monrovia suburb of Congo Town on Tuesday, FU said he is confident that China will collaborate with members of the international community to build an even more vibrant community between China and Liberia.

The Chinese envoy believes that with the adoption and implementation of the eight new development initiatives proposed by President Xi Jinping at the recent Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), China and Liberia will embark on a stronger path of win-win ties.

The eight initiatives, among other things, talk about industrial promotion, infrastructure connectivity, trade facilitation, green development, capacity-building, healthcare, people-to-people exchange and peace and security.

Ambassador FU pointed out that considering that China is fully aware of Liberia’s long-term peace and stability, security, and development, Liberia is not only the ardent hope of the Liberian people but also the responsibility of the international community.

The Chinese diplomat said his country takes an open and inclusive approach to its collaboration with Liberia.

He thanked President George Weah for heading a high-level delegation to the recent FOCAC Summit held in Beijing, noting, “Liberia’s participation greatly contributed to the success of the Summit.”

The Chinese envoy further appreciated President Weah for expressing Liberia’s strong willingness to embrace an open world economy and the multilateral trading system in his speech at


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