“Diabolical Lie” To Sow Feud In CDC Gov’t Exposed

The Government of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) came to power under ten (10) months now but the opposition bloc of Liberia is sparing no effort to undermine the cohesiveness that exists between the pair on the gender-balanced ticket of President Dr. George Manneh Weah and the first female Vice President of Liberia, Chief, Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor even if it means grasping at nothing. The pair remains focused on implementing the pro-poor agenda notwithstanding.

The Dr. George Weah led leadership is exerting every effort to ensure that its “Pro-Poor Agenda” is implemented in order to lift Liberians out of poverty and economic degradation but the whimpers of those still nursing the scar of losing at the 2017 polls have gotten to work by spreading fallacious malice that Vice President Howard-Taylor would undermine her boss President Weah under the myth that she harbors presidential ambition – something pundits have describe as a “diabolical lie solely intended to sow feud between the two leaders who are working concertedly to one objective: lifting Liberians and Liberia through the pro-poor agenda for development.

Reminiscent of the quack of a duck, social media Facebook users woke up on the morning of Saturday, October 6, 2018 to a post from a man identified as Musa Swaray claiming that he “saw” controversial journalist Philibert Brown at leaving the residence of Vice President Howard-Taylor at about 3:00AM and that they are plotting against the Liberian leader.

In a rather sardonic response, Stanley Excellent Togba, another Facebook user said “do not explain your dream on this platform anymore” indicating that it is only in Musa’s bad dream world that a lady who is hitting on all cylinders to help her boss- an attribute that is rarely found in vice presidents across Africa would take place.

For Julius Kissay, it is only a criminal that would be at someone’s house at that hour to see people leaving.

And Saa Koyah Kamano added his voice by saying “you are one those who are misleading the President and dividing the coalition in power for your selfish interest. United the government will effectively to do our work. Which witchcraft activities were you performing around her house at that hour before you saw that happening? You are really planning something evil against that woman. Stop it; she is next to President Weah in the government and she is fully supporting him.

John Sylvester Ellis stated “be very careful what you post about the “Mother of the Republic”. The Vice President of the Republic of Liberia has never harmed a soul and certainly cannot harm her boss, the man wholeheartedly supports.   

These proponents of doomsday would go from touting that President Weah was given restricted visa to not taking picture with United States President Donald Trump at New York Palace Hotel and now to spreading outright lie that the Vice President is planning to undermine her boss.

Painstakingly, Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor has just on September 30, 2018 reaffirmed her commitment to continue working with sweat and rolled up sleeves to support the vision of her boss, President George Weah.


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