Dillon Exposes CDC’s “Vote Or Get Dismissed” Scheme -ERU Officer Becomes First Casualty

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon says plans are being advanced by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to compel government workers to vote for the party’s candidate in the ensuing Special Senatorial Election in their places of registration.
On the weekend of September 19, 2020, during a visit to the township of Caldwell, Montserrado County, Senator Dillon said the ruling party, has, by design put in place a strategy that would compel all government workers to vote for CDC candidates especially in Montserrado County “that President George Weah so desperately want to win under their reclaim our county” campaign.
He said “the only way these people [ruling CDC] can win this election, except they cheat or we allow them to cheat. When you get out to go vote, we will mind your votes like a soldier would do to his bullets,” Senator Dillon stated.
The Montserrado County incumbent Senator stressed that he will ensure that nobody would be allowed to enter the voting booth with phone in order to avoid intrusion.
“You know the reason we will be enforcing this? It is because the CDC will win coerce government officials to vote for the party’s candidate and show proof before they can go back to work. Some of our supporters can not come out to show their support because they are afraid of losing their jobs. That one minute that is secret, we will not allow them to make it public,” he indicated.
He disclosed that even business people will be affected if anyone is allowed to enter the voting booth with phone because they too would have to show proof that the voted for ruling party’s candidate before getting paid for government contracts or even before getting one.
“Thomas Fallah is only a contender in Montserrado County because he is the government’s candidate. One-on-one, Thomas Fallah and the entire CDC clan cannot stand Darius Dillon,” he maintained.
He intimated that the Liberian Senate needs characters that would agree with the President when a decision is taken for the good of the people and disagree when such decision is against the people.

ERU Officer, James Gargu

Within no time of the revelation, an officer of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Emergency Response Unit (ERU), James Gargu has been “suspended for time indefinite” and asked to turn over all government’s properties in his possession including his uniform for openly commenting on Facebook that he and his entire household will vote for Darius Dillon.
“…the administration of the Liberia National Police has resolved to have you suspended for time indefinite off the job without salary for unprofessional conduct and Police Impropriety (posting on Facebook and declaring the name of the candidate you are voting for in December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial election,” Ellice Wiggins, Head of Human Resource, LNP said in the letter.

Stalwarts of the Coalition for Democratic Change said Senator Dillon’s assertions are out of fear for the defeat that awaits him at the December 8 polls.


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