Dillon Rejects “ProphetKey”

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has rejected Prophet Key’s inclusion on his campaign team for the Montserrado County senatorial seat on grounds that the lad lacks the moral rectitude to contribute to his quest for re-election.

On the afternoon of November 24, 2020, the headquarters of the Liberty Party was scene of turmoil when some partisans of the party protested against the appointment of “Prophet Key” by Senator Dillon on the campaign team.

The Campaign Manager of Senator Dillon, Martin Kollah told newsmen that “Prophet Key” was not included on the campaign contrary to information circulating in the public because the Senator does not want to be associated with a man who rain insults on women indiscriminately and discourteous to womanhood.

In effect, Mr. Kullah said it is unthinkable that a character like “Prophet Key” would be named to the Campaign of his candidate on date that marks exactly one year since the death of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine –a man who would do nothing to entertain discourteous characters like the one being spoken about.

“Senator Dillon did not name “Prophet Key” to the campaign team. Our partisans were protesting that this abusive man had been named. And so, we have to inform them that that did not happen. Our opponents are using this against us,” the Dillon Campaign Manager stated.

“Prophetkey is not or was not listed on the campaign team. The list is available to the press. Senator Dillon recognized and appreciated Prophet Key for his financial contribution to the work and activities of the campaign team. Prophet Key is in no way listed as a member of our campaign team,” Mr. Kollah stressed.

Interestingly, the Campaign Manager of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon’s rejection of Prophetkey inclusion on the campaign team contradicts his candidate’s statement made on November 18, 2020 when the list of members of the campaign team was released.

At that press conference, Senator Dillon said Prophetkey is a member of his campaign team and contributed about US$2,000 already.

“Furthermore, we want to recognize and appreciate “Prophet Key” and his supporters for raising close to US$2,000 that they have already forwarded to our campaign team through Chairman Emmanuel Yartoe for onward transfer to the campaign team in Liberia. Prophet Key and his support based, they too are appreciated and are part of our campaign team,” Senator Dillon disclosed at the November 18 press conference when he announced his campaign team.

Pundits have opined that this trading of misinformation on the part of Senator Dillon’s campaign is a clever attempt to deceive the electorate that he does not have any dealing with this character who is a decorated abuser of women and notorious for raining insults on women including females who support the Collaborating Political Parties senatorial candidate.

“No more Dillon. We came to us in 2019 to ask for our votes. We voted for him. Now, he is appreciating us with a man who can use profanities on us like he was not born of a woman. We will not support him anymore,” a group of women said in a statement a day after Senator Dillon announced his campaign team.


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