Dobayou’s Credential And Integrity Cesspool

For weeks now, the Deputy Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Randall Dobayou has been running amok with brazen ignorance of the workings of the EPA in his handling of the affairs of the Agency that caused the entity losses and cash landing in his pocket. The recent fine imposed on York Trading Incorporated for over four(4) years of illegally importing hazardous chemicals in Liberia and failing to comply with the Agency’s requirements is a classic case. Dobayou clandestinely connived with York Trading Incorporation to pay the government a US$1,400.00 fine for importing hazardous chemicals into Liberia instead of an amount between US$10,000 and US$50,000.00. He has argued that the decision emanated from a technical report recommendation that flout the Environmental Protection Management Law (EPML).
During his Wednesday, April 29, 2020 appearance on Spoon FM, the Deputy Executive Director alluded that York Trading Incorporation has fully submitted the required Environmental Management Plan report, and fulfilled the Environmental Social Impacts Assessment Process (ESIA), which is a statutory requirement prior to the EPA’s approval of York Trading Incorporated request to import chemical.
According to him, this is one of the reasons he authorized the released of the confiscated container under siege. Contrary to these assertions, investigation has uncovered that the Deputy EPA official whose heralded credential is a doctored letter of attestation touted to be from the African Methodist Episcopal University disregarded the entire ESIA process of the EPA in pursuit of his personal financial benefits.
Evidence swarms following a thorough investigation that the following missteps were encouraged in contravention of the ESIA Procedural Guideline of 2017: no evidence of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) report being submitted to the Agency by York Trading Incorporated; absence of the nomination letter of the proponent for the conduct of the report; no evidence of the acknowledgement of the report and permit processing payment request letter to the proponent; no evidence of the payment of the permit processing fees by York Trading Incorporated; no evidence of the Date of review of the EMP and name of technical staff who participated in the review process; no evidence of the email for circulation of the EMP for review by technical staff of the EPA; no evidence through email exchange of inputs solicited from reviewers of the EMP.
Environmental experts following the trial of the Deputy Executive Director’s outburst in the media have indicated that granted that a technical committee recommended US$1,400.00. As environmentally savvy as Dobayou claims to be and heralding integrity mask, why wouldn’t he reference the law governing the situation? “Is this the same man who is claiming to be cleaning up a messy situation?,” one expert who begged not to be named intoned.
It is often said that he that comes with equity must come with clean hands! How dare could the EPA deputy boss, Mr. Randall Dobayou exploit the process that is meant to be jealously protected and uphold? What would have induced such a rapid authorization without according the required due diligence to York Trading Inc? Why did the Acting Executive Director, Mr. Dobayou compromised and exploited the Agency process? These are questions that haven’t been answer up to date.
Such a gross violation induced by bribery and smearing corruption resonating under the signature of the unsophisticated Dobayou, a non- technical colorful boy who currently runs the daily affairs of such an integrity and scientific institution is not just an embarrassment to the Country but also a great disappointment to the professional dogma.
While the blood of the government’s coffers is spilling on his hands, Dobayou is grasping on straws to tell the public how he got his “letter of attestation” and “transcript” from a university that expelled him for unruly behavior since 2013.
In a letter he posted on his personal Facebook page dated July 12, 2013 and allegedly from the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dobayou claimed that he completed all his courses at AMEU and was prepared for graduation before his expulsion. Dobayou indicated that he was secretary of the souvenir committee of the graduating class.
But the Assistant Registrar for Record at AMEU, Mr. Benjamin G. Everett said the Deputy Executive Director of the EPA lied that he was cleared in 2013 for graduation. “He just completed his outstanding courses in 2019/2020 semester. He does not have a degree and he has not been processed for graduation,” Mr. Everett.
The Assistant Registrar for Record fell short of saying how Dobayou was accepted into the school to complete his courses after being expelled in 2013.
The African Methodist Episcopal University has promised to officially respond to the situation soon. Investigation continues.



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