Fake Credential Bonanza Hits UMU -Vice President Padmore Hooked

The fake credentials bonanza that is sweeping across the educational sector of Liberia has landed at the United Methodist Church run United Methodist University (UMU) that has been found to be hosting at the top level a man holding pseudo “doctorate degree” from a non-academic degree granting institution in the United States. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore claims to have acquired his doctorate degree online while sitting in Monrovia and succeeded in maneuvering his way to become the Vice President for Administration at the UMU on Ashmun Street.

Here is a full narrative of an investigation into his claims and the status of the university he purportedly got his degree from:

The Vice President for Administration of UMU, “Dr.” Isaac Chukpue-Padmore, has been hooked. Does he really have “Doctorate in Strategic Leadership” from Asbury Theological Seminary as he has been claiming or making you to believe. No, he doesn’t. He has been feeding on this fraud for a while now. We are cutting it off.

Now, Mr. Chukpue-Padmore has been making two bogus claims which equate to academic malfeasance and mendacity:

1) Doctor of Strategic Leadership
Asbury Theological Seminary

2) Studies Doctor of Education
Louisiana Baptist University

Let me deal with Mr. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore’s “Doctoral Credentials” in just 2 counts:

Count #1:

Asbury Theological Seminary is not offering any doctoral program in Strategic Leadership and this evangelical school has never offered such program before since its establishment in 1923 (98 years ago). Let me prove this. Courses offered at Ashbury Theological Seminary are catalogued into three (3) basic categories:

a) Graduate Degrees
b) Postgraduate Degrees
c) Certificate Programs

In these 3 categories, there’s no degree-granting program called “Doctor of Strategic Leadership”. Please click this link and read: https://asburyseminary.edu/academics/degrees/?fbclid=IwAR1xnbd1Fexk1PuDnsrinxEVDg1dh59EWMYWjQeEWsLiljicH_PVczh7GR8.

What does Asbury offer relative to leadership? This Seminary offers M.A. in Leadership and Certificate in Leadership Development and not “Strategic Leadership”. There’s nothing like Doctor of Strategic Leadership. The school only offers 2 doctoral programs: Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biblical Studies and Intercultural Studies. Please follow these links and read:

a) https://asburyseminary.edu/academics/degrees/doctor-of-ministry/
b) https://asburyseminary.edu/academics/degrees/thm/biblical-studies/
c) https://asburyseminary.edu/academics/degrees/phd/intercultural-studies/

Asbury Theological Seminary is a member of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) which is the Accrediting Commission of all Theological Schools including Asbury. See approved degree programs by ATS for Asbury Theological Seminary: https://www.ats.edu/member-schools/asbury-theological-seminary. You will never see any Doctor of Strategic Leadership. So, who was Mr. Chukpue-Padmore trying to impress or deceive? This FRAUD is too glaring and UMU has to nip it.

In fact, why didn’t Mr. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore indicate that his utopian Doctor of Strategic Leadership is online and that he sat right in Monrovia claiming to have obtained such a phoney credential. Too many people are now sitting right in Monrovia, where access to internet and electricity is rare, yet they are claiming to have “Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)” or “Doctorate Degree” in 2 years and some even spend less than 2 years. Mr. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore is a chief culprit of this sickening precedent. His course of action equates to fraud, misrepresentation, duplicity, and malfeasance. This is indeed a pathetic comedy. Let’s move to count #2.

Count #2:

Mr. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore is at his usual trick again. This time around, he is studying “Doctor of Education” at Louisiana Baptist University (LBU). Once more, he’s sitting right in Monrovia claiming to be pursuing another online doctorate degree. He needs to back off now because LBU is a degree mill (bogus). The Louisiana Baptist University is very bogus. Even fraud is better than LBU. Let me prove this in just 9 sub counts:

I) Louisiana Baptist University does not have any accreditation to either offer or confer academic degrees. I am linking you to a portal of bogus universities and colleges or diploma mills. Louisiana Baptist University (LBU) is right beneath Los Angeles University: https://www.openportal.ca/list-of-unaccredited-universities-beware-from-fake-degrees/?fbclid=IwAR1Il19nv2tWiW_v7OxvcJNJMGlawiFAXsOhkK-xEtD2zKMVgeBRICM1u2M.

II) List of unaccredited institutions of higher education. Louisiana Baptist University (LBU) is right above Louisiana Christian University: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/List_of_unaccredited_institutions_of_higher_education?fbclid=IwAR0sTMIVKxKD-lVf67d0M8X2-cgOcEDGesTfuIkI_8aLOa40NGD8xs61NII.

III) List of fake Online Universities in USA. Louisiana Baptist University is right between Frederick Taylor University and Washington International University: https://worldscholarshipforum.com/fake-online-universities-in-usa/?fbclid=IwAR3e9J7zzdHqBVqXNIDku0blWSxqdgGngMuccsjk8Khqt7zTMqF9Ibjm_NU.

IV) List of blacklisted Universities in USA. Louisiana Baptist University is right beneath Life Christian University Tampa: https://www.jntufastupdates.com/blacklisted-universitys-list-in-usa/.

V) List of fake Universities in USA, UK, India, Nigeria, and Rajasthan. Louisiana Baptist University is right above Louisiana Christian University: https://studyabroadnations.com/list-of-fake-universities/.

VI) Canonical List of Pastors and Teachers with Fake Doctorates. Check under #74. Louisiana Baptist University (LBU) is a conservative degree mill (fake): https://dustoffthebible.com/Blog-archive/2019/09/09/canonical-list-of-pastors-teachers-with-fake-doctorates/.

VII) Even on Wikipedia, LBU is a bogus university: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unaccredited_institutions_of_higher_education.

VIII) Here is a list of all 127 recognized universities and colleges in Louisiana, USA. There is nothing called Louisiana Baptist University (LBU). Please read: https://collegestats.org/colleges/louisiana/. This is also an A-Z ranking of best universities and colleges in Louisiana. There is nothing like Louisiana Baptist University: https://www.4icu.org/us/louisiana/a-z/.

IX) The real fact is that LBU is housed in a very tiny hall. The photo of this small hall is attached. Go through LBU’s website: https://lbu.edu/home. It is a FRAUD. It has no authority to grant or confer any degree, least to mention PhD. On LBU’s own website, it is clearly stated that this school is not accredited. Read: https://lbu.edu/about-lbu/about-lbu. Can a school that is not accredited, licensed, or recognized by the United States of America grant/confer PhD or any degree for that matter? This is indeed a pathetic fraud. Even a Sunday School is better than LBU. The U.S. Department of Education does not recognize LBU at any level. No regional accreditation. No national accreditation. SAD.

X) Let’s come back home. Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) and Gbarnga School of Theology (GST) are far better than this online degree mill (LBU) because both LBTS and GST are accredited by NCHE and licensed by MOE. LBU is bogus. Therefore, Mr. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore’s prospective “Doctor of Education” would be of zero worth. It is fake and he needs to back off. It is a joke to even be sitting in Monrovia while claiming to be studying PhD online.

The Vice President for Administration of UMU does not have any “Doctorate Degree” or any “PhD”. It’s all SCAM as usual. Going forward, no one should ever call him “Dr. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore because he doesn’t deserve such title. It’s wrong. I will find time to even investigate his master’s degree in Theological Studies. Warning: There are other Vice Presidents at UMU with fake credentials as well. They know themselves. I will give them time to confess. UMU is a good school and it should act now in order to save its hard-earned reputation.

An Important Message To UMU Board of Trustees: Bishop Samuel Quire, Ms. Theresa Davies, Hon. Monie Captan, Dr. Mills Jones, Ms. Madina Wesseh, Rep. Johnson Gwaikolo, Mr. Kojo Weeks, Hon. Tolbert Nyeswah, Mr. James Labala, and Mr. Christopher Marshall:

1) We call you to investigate this grave matter;

2) Faculty members and employees in general called me this morning. They are not actually satisfied. UMU has not paid them for 9 months now.

As an activist, I have a duty to advocate for those unpaid faculty and employees because I believe in the dignity of labor. But I wouldn’t blow this out of proportion. I have asked them to exercise restraints as I engage. I know Bishop Quire. We did meet in several meetings during “The Bring Back Our Money Protest”. Bishop Quire is a good and brilliant man with astute leadership traits.

In one of our meetings, this was what Bishop Quire said to me, “Martin, you are the leader of this protest. I take God to beg you and for the sake of our beloved country, can you cut this protest off because our peace is at risk?” My response to Bishop Quire in the presence of LCC President Kortu Brown and Dr. Olu Menjay at that meeting was, “I respect you Bishop. You are a great Man of God. This struggle is not about me. It’s about thousands of Liberians. It is about what our people want. I am just a servant. We can’t compromise this protest because our people want full accountability of the missing billions. So, for God’s sake, can I assure you and everyone that it will be peaceful?” Surely, it was peaceful. Today, we have the Kroll Report which has indicted past and present officials of government. People will account one day.

I know Bishop Quire. He is a good man with a gentle heart. I trust that he will find an amiable resolution to the legitimate concern of those aggrieved employees. I will also try to reach out.

To conclude as usual, this dispensation is called “The Era of Academic Audit”. We do not hate anyone but we prefer academic integrity to academic fraud.


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