Faking To Fit: Inside Dobayou’s Closet

His only experience is placard carrying and high school teacher assistant at Cathedral Catholic School but Deputy Executive Director at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Randall Dobayou would go at every length to forge his academic papers solely to paint a picture that he is qualified to sit in the position he presently occupies.
For weeks since the suspension of his boss, Nathaniel Blama, Dobayou has launched stinking campaign under the canopy of cleaning malfeasances to ensure that Blama does not return to the EPA. That is just a tip of the iceberg: Randall told the Board of Directors of EPA in his resume that he holds a bachelor of arts degree in Sociology and Political Science from the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in 2013. He also said he is a postgraduate student at University of Upper Iowa from 2016 to present.
Two years since his appointment, Dobayou summersaults that he did not complete his studies at AMEU due to expulsion for unruly behavior in late 2012 and he was secretary of the graduating class souvenir program. How then did this same person who was expelled graduate and obtain documents to enroll into another university for a postgraduate program? The Deputy EPA Executive Director in a live radio interview said he did not complete his courses to be qualified for graduation in 2013 until 2020 following his return to Liberia from the United States. “I did vocational training courses that did not require first degree. I completed my courses in late 2019 awaiting graduation,” Dobayou told the public contrary to what is enshrined in his resume submitted to the vetting committee that interviewed him for the present position that he graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science.
Dobayou is averring to resign if anyone can prove that he “still has outstanding courses” in spite of misleading information about his credentials outlined in his resume.
More to that, there are several integral issues to consider that further expose the dubious ways in which the EPA DED completed his courses:
1. Randall Dobayou was expelled in 2012 for leading a violent protest against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when she visited AMEU. It is untrue, according to our investigstion, that the student who was not qualified for graduation formed part of the graduating class activities to serve as secretary of the souvenir committee.
2. Dobayou’s expulsion has not been reconsidered by the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) up to the time he returned from the United States and he did not sit in any class since to do his remaining courses but paid a lower level staff in the department of admission to give him ID number that he announced during a press conference at his office and pay a handsome amount to be included on the 2020 graduation list. The agreement, investigation established, is that he should visit the school’s campus frequently to create a fake impression that he has been going to attend classes so that the students would not notice.
3. In an error proned letter of attestation published on his Facebook page, it is stated that he was a good student and member of the 2013 graduating class activities as secretary of souvenir committee. How did this university that expelled Dobayou for unruly behavior vouch that he is a good student? Where, in the world of academia, can a letter of attestation say a student’s role in a graduating class activities as justification that he holds a degree? The letter did not say he completed his courses or even indicated his ID number.
He is doing everything to fit in the qualification requirements of the position he occupies which is meant for someone with a minimum master’s degree as indicated the terms of reference of the Deputy Executive Director position.
While the EPA Deputy Executive Director is trying to fend off this imbroglio of buying papers that further expose his desperation to fit in a certain class of academicians, he has short changed the Government of Liberia in revenue that should have come from fine imposed on York Trading Incorporated- an illegal environmental business operator that imported dangerous chemical into the country without the approval of the EPA. According to the Environmental Management law, the fine should be between US$10,000 and US$50,000 but Dobayou told the violator to pay US$1,400 into government’s coffers and give him an additional amount to him as personal benefit. But this is not the focus of this narrative for now.
Dobayou has now joined a league of government officials who got jobs through dubiously claiming to have certain academic credentials. It began with Former Minister of Agriculture, Mogana Flomo, finding himself in hot water after his academic qualifications were questioned–a situation that caused his sacking by President George Weah. He had reportedly lied to the vetting committee that he was a holder of a PhD, though investigation revealed that his claim was false.
Dobayou’s claim of hate against young man
In an attempt to buy public pity in the wake of this grave fraudulent acquisition of academic paper and using deception to get appointed to a lucrative position, Dobayou is touting that he is being hated as “a young man”. Sardonically, this same character that is claiming that he is being hated has bragged that he is enjoying the position he occupies and he has been given leverage by his boss, the suspended Nathworld Blama to represent the Environmental Protection Agency at international events across the wopowerMany young people resigned their positions in government since the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) came to power because they were marginalized by their bosses at institutions they were appointed to. Former Deputy Foreign Minister Elias Shoniyin resigned his position because his not enjoying good working relationship with his boss Milton Gbezohngar Findley. Dobayou cannot be experiencing excellent working rapport since his appointment through deception and claiming people hate him solely because his fake credentials are brought to the limelight.
It is unimaginable that Dobayou who is getting undeserved position through dubious means would be claiming that those who are exposing his mode of ” success” hate him.
The AMEU is currently conducting internal investigation to ascertain how Dobayou obtained the documents he claimed to have from the institution of higher learning. Investigation continues.


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