First Lady Clar Weah Receives SHEROES Humanitarian Award

In recognition of her humanitarian services rendered to underprivileged women and girls in Liberia, the SHEROES Foundation has honored the First Lady of Liberia, Clar Marie Weah , with a humanitarian award.


Madam Weah was given the award on May 17 in Ghana where she was attending a thre- day SHEROES Forum.


“I am so grateful for this award but I think it is under-deserving of me, I have been a First lady for a year and four months and I don’t think I have worked hard enough to deserve this award, I want to dedicate this award sincerely from the bottom of my heart to all the hard working underprivileged women and girls of Liberia,” Madam Weah said while receiving the award.


According to Madam Weah, when she began a first Lady, she visited orphanages and discovered that children in these places were barely eating while some were eating once a day, pointing out “My office started a program where we have food on a monthly basis for orphanages so that the children there can at least have food to eat two to three times daily.”


She explained that she visited elderly homes and saw that the old folks were living in a very poor condition, which according to her, provided the urged to do something to improve their lives, adding “Through my foundation I have started building a home for the elderly.”


The Liberian First Lady, howeve,r indicated that her vision is to go beyond what a First Lady is expected to do and that she wants to pave the way for other First Ladies who will come after her.

The International SHOROES Forum is designed for women in politics and business leadership roles and those who aspire to be mid-level to senior managers, directors, presidents, vice president, and C-Level titled jobs in corporation, non-profits and government agencies.

The forum is a great opportunity for women who lead diverse teams and are seeking greater understanding of how to better recruit, engage, advance, and retain talent.


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