Former President Sirleaf Calls For Concerted Effort To Resuscitate Economy

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has called on Liberians to rally around the government of President George Manneh Weah in resuscitating the economy to improve the living standards in the country.

“The economy is not a quick fix; it is not a button that you push and the light comes on; an economy is the collective action of all the people and not only government officials but individuals who will do their part for productivity and creativity,” Madam Sirleaf added.

Serving as special guest on a local radio talk show in Monrovia on Wednesday, ex-President Sirleaf pointed out that the repair of the economy is also depended on Liberians who will demonstrate integrity to ensure that the country’s resources are used properly.

She noted that if Liberia’s economy is to become strong and vibrant as it used to be few years back, Liberians must be prepared to contribute in whatever way they can, stressing “If called upon, I am willing in whatever way I can to work with the current administration to help in this direction.”

Madam Sirleaf, meanwhile, cautioned Liberians to be patient with the current leadership as it endeavours to fix the economy, noting that “it takes time to get it fixed; it took us few years to repair the economy when we took over in 2006 and I am quite sure we can get there again if we work collectively; even the global economy is also facing strains.”

She then urged the government to align its strategy, national plan, and dynamism in keeping with changes in the global economy in order to be able to stabilize the struggling economy the country is currently faced with, noting: “We have to work on it (economy) and monitor what is happening in the region.”

Madam Sirleaf then admonished Liberians to do away with the tendency of unnecessary talking and criticisms and begin to work in concert and collaboration with the government in finding lasting solution to the country’s economic stress and downturn.

It can be recalled that upon her departure from office, former President Sirleaf chaired a new panel to drive the transformation of Africa’s economies after it was announced at the African Transformation Forum (ATF) in Accra, Ghana.

The African Transformation Leadership Panel was to focus on and discuss the policies and partnerships needed to drive sustainable growth and regional integration, particularly on opportunities for women and young people in its efforts to reform Africa’s economies.

Former President Sirleaf, speaking at that summit, said: “We need a leadership that promotes growth for the many, not the few; I am passionate about getting our economies firing for everybody; we must learn from and with each other to develop a shared vision.”


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