Government Accountants, Comptrollers Conclude IPSAS 2017 Phase-two Training

Comptrollers and Accountants across spending entities of government have concluded a three-day International Public Sectors Accounting Standards 2017 phase two training in the port city of Buchanan Grand Bassa county.

It took place from September 8-10, 2022.

The training is part of ongoing efforts initiated and organized by the Comptrollers and Accountant General Department at the Ministry of Finance and Development Plannin, and was under the theme: ‘’ Ensuring Compliance in Reporting ‘’ with funding from African Development Bank IPFMR project two.

It also seeks to improve efficiency among Comptrollers and Accountants for sound financial reporting through 2017 International Public Sectors Accounting Standards across government ministries and agencies.

Making remarks at the closing session, the Deputy Comptrollers and Accountant General-physical Audit, Atty. Steve Joe-Joe who proxies for Hon. Janga said the comptrollers and accountant general department full responsibility is to ensure accountants and comptrollers have the right skills and capacity to report on a timely basis.

According to him, building the capacity of accountants and comptrollers every quarter will help improve their skills, knowledge and efficiency to prepare their financial statement.

‘’ Building the capacity of accountants and comptrollers every quarter will help improve their skills, knowledge and competency to prepare their financial statement’’ he added.

Additionally, the Public Financial Management law required accountants and comptrollers to prepare financial statements on dates and time.

In separate remarks, lead facilitators, Senior Accountant James M. Barbu and Reporting Accountant, Timale Zizivily, had similar comments in which they said, that since the pronouncement of cash basis IPSAS changed from 2003-to 2017, they have been providing more training for MACs comptrollers on the usage of IPSAS template in preparing financial report.


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