GOVERNMENT COVID-19 Household Food Support Program Making Significant Impact -Assistant Minister Thomas Says

Assistant Information Minister for Information Services at the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism, Daniel Nuxe Thomas says the ongoing Liberian Government’s COVID 19 Household Food Support program is making significant impact for the vulnerable population across Liberia.
He said the World Food Programme (WFP) is collaborating with the Government of Liberia (GOL) for the successful execution of the GOL COVID-19 Household Food Support Programme (COHFSP) as an important safety net for people affected by COVID-19 in Liberia.
The programme is providing a month’s supply of food (50 kg of rice, 10 kg of beans and 1 gallon of vegetable oil household) for around 2.5 million most vulnerable people across all of Liberia.
The youthful Assistant Minister speaking Monday at a special press briefing at the Ministry of Information averred that Liberian Government Covid-19 Household Food Support Program COHFSP started the food distribution within the Township of West Point last Wednesday July 29, 2020 and has completed the West Point Community that has 7 blocks and 35 zones.
Minister Thomas said over thousands of residents received rice, beans and oil.
According to him the residents expressed thanks and appreciation to the Government for what they called a timely intervention especially during this pandemic COVID-19.
The Assistant Minister further mentioned that the program is part of the Government’s strategy to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and WFP was delegated with the responsibility of implementing the COHFSP given its capacity, experience and expertise in managing emergency relief programmes.
President George Manneh Weah has appointed a National Steering Committee (SC) as an oversight mechanism to ensure the COHFSP is implemented in the best interests of the affected populations. The SC provides the broad terms of reference for the food support programme; strategic oversight and operational guidance to the programme; and offer advice to WFP – upon WFP’s request – on various logistical and methodological issues that might benefit from the SC’s expertise.
The package which includes two 25kg bags of rice, 28 cups of beans and 1 gallon of vegetable oil were distributed by a team from the constituted Steering Committee that is represented by the WFP and the Government of Liberia.
COHFSP will “prioritize the vulnerable population and the first responder population to wit: the disadvantaged youth, the homeless, orphanages, senior citizens, people with disabilities health workers and security personnel deployed in the frontline of the enforcement of the State of Emergency”. Assistant Minister Thomas stated.



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