In Nimba, Missing Classroom Teacher Found Alive, Well

A classroom teacher who went missing in Zahn Duo Town, Nimba County Electoral District #8 has been found alive and well.

Mr. Prince Zogbay, 48 escaped from theDuo Magisterial Court in handcuffed on the 9th of May and was never seen until the 10th of March when he was brought back into Nimba county by Representative Larry Ypunquoi of electoral district #8.
He is an employee of the Ministry of Education assigned at the Duo Public School.
He was accused along with several others of stealing World Food Program (WFP) ration intended for students due to the COVID-19, an allegation he (Zogbay) has since denied.
Zogbay reportedly escaped while his hands and legs were cuffed and since then, citizens of the region have been so doubtful about his where about.
The matter reached at the level of the Supreme Court of Liberia Board of Inquiry, according to Rep. Younquoi who angrily spoke to journalists about the matter.
Speaking to reporters in Ganta on Monday, August 10, Rep. Larry P. Younquoi disclosed that Prince Zogbay failed to report himself due to the treatment he received and the only person he could unveil himself to was he (Rep. Younquoi).
Zogbay reported himself to the Lawmaker when he returned to Liberia after COVID-19 lockdown in the united states.
Explaining his ordeal to reporters, Zogbay said during his arrest, he was badly treated but did not state how he managed to escape while in cuff.
According to him, when he managed to escape, he went to one of his brothers in Harbel, Margibi County and later moved to Monrovia where he stayed up the August.
The mysterious disappearance of the MOE employee provoked public outcry in the Zahn region with some pointing accusing fingers at Magistrate Victoria Gbalazeh of the Duo magisterial court who is on record for subjecting citizens to inhumane treatment whenever lawsuit is filed against them.
When citizens in the area took up the matter with the supreme Court, Magistrate Gbalazeh was asked to recuse herself while the high court launches investigation into circumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the classroom teacher and the reported ill-treatment of citizens by her.



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