“Koijee Will Not Support Such Behavior” -City Police Brutality Victim Says; As Koijee Suspends Perpetrators

Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee

On the evening of Thursday, September 3, 2020, City Police officers assigned at the residence of Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee brutalized two Liberians: the Chief Executive Officer of Vision TV Online, J Max Autiway Bill Diggs and another person for reportedly parking their vehicle at a spot close to Mayor Koijee’s residence.
Mr. Diggs told newsmen on the night of the “unfortunate situation” that “Jefferson Koijee will not support such behavior from you guys. We have only parked here to offload some things from our car far from Mayor Koijee’s fence.”
He narrated that the City Police Officers refused to allow them to offload the things they had in their vehicle and chose to hit on them with batons that led to severe injuries that Riggs to take nine (9) stitches at the Goodwill Clinic- few blocks away from the scene of the incidence.

Vision TV CEO Bill Diggs

Upon receiving the news of the “unfortunate situation, Mayor Koijee rushed to the scene and offered open apologies to the victims.
In a statement on his official Facebook page, the Mayor of Monrovia expressed regrets for the alleged action of officers assigned at his residence.
“We sincerely regret Thursday’s incident at our residence where two Liberian citizens were manhandled by Monrovia City Corporation’s securities assigned at our home while we were out. We continue to have closed ties with all our citizens and will at no time sanction such acts of incivility, no matter the circumstances. We will reach out to Bill personally and express our regrets. We have, at the sametime, launched a full scale #investigation into circumstances that led to the action and will hold the perpetrators accountable! The public can be assured, we will continue to serve you responsibly in the exercise of our duties for this great city,” Mayor Koijee stated.
To further assess the extent of the injury, the City Government of Monrovia has taken Vision Television C.E.O J Max – Autoway Bill Diggs at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center in Monrovia for better treatment.
According to a statement from MCC, Journalist Bill Diggs is currently undergoing treatment at the health facility.
The City Government has taken full responsibility of Journalist Diggs medication while investigation is ongoing.
Mayor Jefferson T.Koijee late Thursday evening visited the home of Journalist Diggs where he expressed regret for the City Police alleged action.
He assured the Family of the Liberian Journalist that the incident will be speedily dealt with in accordance with the Police Professional Code of Ethics.
Mayor Jefferson T.Koijee said no Liberian should in anyway be treated in such form and manner.
The Youthful Mayor has vowed to take stiffer action that would serve as deterrence to other officers or anyone close to him to act professionally in the discharge of their duties.
Koijee said as a young person who lived all his life as a peaceful person, he will not accept any behavior that will taint my character.
For Immediate Release

September 4, 2020

MCC turns over two of its officers to the Liberia National Police for investigation ; suspends Commander with immediate effect;

The Monrovia City Government on early Friday morning forwarded two of its officers to the Liberia National Police for investigation.
Patrolman Aaron S. Kennedy and Patrolman Willie D. Flomo allegedly brutalized and injured a Liberian Journalist Bill Diggs in front of
the residence of Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, where the below mentioned officers are assigned.
The Monrovia City Government believes that the two officers went beyond their scope of operation which contravenes the City Police
Professional Code of Ethics.
The two officers alleged action contravenes Section#17 of the Police Professional Code of ethics which speaks against improper use of
handcuffs, teargas, baton and other police materials.
The City Government requests the Liberia National Police to launch a speedy investigation and forward those officers to bear the full weight of the Law if found guilty following the outcome of the investigation.
This, according to the City Government, will serve as a deterrent to all of its officers assigned at various locations in Monrovia and those undergoing training and recruitment.

The City Government has called on all of its officers to exercise high level of professionalism in the discharge of their respective duties.

Meanwhile, the City Government of Monrovia has with immediate effect suspended the Commander assigned at Mayor Koijee’s residence Major James G. Howe for his gross negligence exhibited coupled with his unprofessional and unethical stance taken during the incident of brutality within his area of assignment as Commander, which led to injury sustained by journalist Bill Diggs, CEO of Vision TV Liberia on the evening Thursday, September 3, 2020.
Upon his return to work from said suspension, Maj. Howe has been further instructed to report to the City Police Department for reassignment.



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