Liberia: Journalist Killer Gets Lifetime Imprisonment

Jonathan Williams, the convicted murderer of Liberian journalist, Tyron Brown, has been sentenced to life imprisonment after been found guilty of murder by the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.

Announcing the sentence, assigned Judge Nancy Sammy said her judgement came after defendant Williams denied and later admitted to the crime of murder before the court while under oath.

Judge Sammy said defendant Williams intentionally stabbed journalist Tyron Brown with no consideration of thinking that Brown was a human.

Judge Sammy further disclosed that her judgement came as the result of sufficient evidence provided before the Court by prosecution lawyers.

“How will you say that your intention was not to kill Tyron but to make him afraid, when you stabbed him more than two times?” Judge Sammy asked.

She said after her judgement that the court accepted the petition of appeal from defendant lawyers to seek redress at the Supreme Court of Liberia.

On Monday, March 23, Judge Sammy postponed the sentence verdict of Williams to Thursday, March 26, after the court had found him guilty earlier.

During the March 23 date of court, Williams openly apologised for killing journalist Brown.

Williams, who was seen sobbing in court, said it would be good that his life be taken away than to spend it in prison.

It can be recalled that on September 20, 2018, the Supreme Court of Liberia transferred the murder case involving journalist Brown and suspect Williams to the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Tubmanburg, Bomi County for trial.

On February 21, 2020 assigned Judge Sammy began hearing the case.

Williams pleaded not guilty and requested a bench trial which was granted by the court.

During the trial the prosecution provided six witnesses that testified in favor of the state, while the defendant provided three witnesses.

After testimonies were given by both party witnesses, Judge Sammy give her final ruling finding defendant Williams guilty of the crime of murder and has now sentenced Williams to life imprisonment.



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