Liberian Government, Partners Host Economic Dialogue

The Government of Liberia (GoL) announces the hosting of a 3-day economic dialogue funded by UNDP and supported by other partners including European Union, ECOWAS, World Bank etc.

The aim is to reach a national consensus on feasible short & medium-term policy measures, strategies, programs & a time-bound road map to strengthen economic recovery, growth, peace & reconciliation.

The Chairman of the National Economic Dialogue, Dr.Toga Gayewea McIntosh says,the long-term objective of the National Economic Dialogue (NED) is to strengthen transparent, participatory and accountable economic governance.

“The purpose of the Dialogue is to (a) stimulate a broad-based national conversation on the state and fate of the Liberian economy; and (b) collectively find ways that would situate Liberia on a path of rapid economic recovery and growth,” McIntosh emphasized.

4th-6th September will see at least 250 participants from all parts of Liberia coming together to re-enforce and invigorate the conversation around pressing thematic areas.

They will be drawn from the private sector, political parties, labor unions, academia, students, women and youth groups, religious community, traditional leaders, physically challenged and disadvantaged groups, media, civil society organizations, and development partners.

At a press briefing, Dr. McIntosh disclosed that discussions will be built around; Public Finance Mobilization and Management; Investment Promotion and Private Sector Growth; Youth Unemployment and Skills Development; Peace and Reconciliation for Sustained Economic Growth.

He expressed hope that the national consensus will be incorporated in their respective actions and programs as we fix our ailing economy.




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