Liberia’s Judiciary Fully Functional -Chief Justice Korkpor

Chief Justice Francis Korkpor has said that the country’s judiciary system is fully functional, admitting, however, that there are challenges that continue to slow down and hamper the progress of the system.

“We continue to work with friendly governments and international organizations involved in rule of law programs in seeking ways to improve conditions in the judiciary, ” said Chief Justice Korkpor.

He indicated that the primary duty of Judges is to hear and decide cases, and as such, the Circuit Court Judges throughout the country received regular assignments, executed the mandate contained in the assignments and made returns.

Justice Korkpor made the statement Monday at the formal opening of the March Term of Court 2022.

He said specialized courts and Magistrate Courts are also performing similar duties, adding, “At all times we require and underscore the need for fair and impartial decisions.”


“This is because Courts of Justice by the decisions they make promote peace and stabilize in the society, without this the resultant effect would be total breakdown of law and order and chaos,” Justice Korkpor noted.


At the level of the Supreme Court, he stated, “We continue to make difficult, contentious and high profile decisions as the court of last resort from whence there is no appeal.”


“We do not seek approval, good name or popularity from any quarter; we rely solely on the application of the law, the Constitution being our primary authority by which we measure the behavior of citizens, foreign nationals within our borders, as well as the conduct of government and its functionaries,” the Chief Justice noted.

He imputed that the Supreme Court is the living voice of the Constitution and the sacred instrument to which the people look for protection.

Justice Korkpor expressed delight that over the years he and his colleagues on the bench have focused on their primary duty of hearing and deciding cases in a fair and impartial manner, regardless of the many bias and unfair criticisms of their opinions, especially where politicians or political parties are involved in a given case.


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