Liberia’s Security Sector Benefits From Covid_19 Prevention Materials

The Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Bureau of Correction (BCR) have received #Covid19 prevention materials from UNDP, under its joint Rule of Law Programme with the Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR).
With funding from the Governments of Sweden (Embassy of Sweden in Monrovia) and Ireland through Irish Aid, the Programme provides technical, capacity building and service delivery support to Liberia’s justice and security sector, and supports public demand for access to justice through civil society engagement.
The supplies were turned over to LNP and BCR Representatives through the Office of the Covid-19 National Coordinator Madam Mary Broh.
The donation is within the wider joint UN Liberia support, to the Government of Liberia’s COVID-19 response plan, bearing in mind the high-risk role played by these institutions.
Turning over the items on the Compound of the General Services Agency Wednesday, May 27, UNDP’s Resident Representative Pa Lamin Beyai recognized the role of LNP and BCR as front liners in the fight against the pandemic.
Dr. Beyai encouraged the BCR and relevant policymakers to consider all possible measures to de-congest prisons and reduce the impact of any possible COVID-19 incidents within prison facilities.
“A good practice that has recently been used elsewhere in Africa to respond to the pandemic in prisons, which Liberia may want to reflect on, is the early release of low-risk prison inmate,” the UNDP resident Representative stressed.
He also conveyed a message from the Embassies of Ireland and Sweden pledging continued partnership and support to the Government of Liberia’s security sector.
“The Embassies of Ireland and Sweden are pleased to have been able to support the procurement of this equipment for BCR and LNP as part of our longstanding support to the security sector in Liberia through UNDP. The covid-19 pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges to Liberia and countries across the world, and we have seen that it is a threat to vulnerable people including those in prisons. Ireland and Sweden will continue to partner with Liberia to support the country’s response to covid-19 and mitigate its impacts on all Liberians.”
Representing OHCHR, Danai Kudya spoke of the global solidarity being implored to fight the pandemic. She applauded the efforts by the Liberian government to ensure that the rights of people are respected in the fight of Covid-19.
Receiving the supplies, the beneficiaries-Inspector General of Police, Colonel Patrick Sudue and the Assistant Minister at the Bureau of Corrections Eddie Trawally expressed appreciation to UNDP and its donors for support to the security sector in the fight against the Corona virus.
Colonel Sudue and Assistant Minister Trawally described the move as a boost and reassurance for Law enforcement personnel who are also at risk in the Covid-19 fight.
Also during the brief ceremony, Madame Broh presented a certificate of appreciation to UNDP for its continued support to the Covid-19 task force and Liberia at large.
Items turned over included mega phones, hand sanitizers, hand washing buckets, bleach disinfectants, examination gloves as well as T-Shirts and face caps among others.
This initiative is part of efforts made under the Joint Rule of Law programme to support COVID-19 sensitization through community policing and putting in place preventive measures in prisons.
UNDP is also providing technical support to the BCR to develop a contingency plan to put in place measures to respond to COVID-19 and develop the capacity of its personnel to address health related issues and protect inmates.
This support includes the provision of protective equipment for prisons and the establishment of isolation units.



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