Local NGOs Launch Livelihood Support Project in Grand Cape Mount County

Agriculture, they say, makes a good driver of economic growth and development as well as a source of job creation. That is why, a non-governmental organizations, Peace Child Liberia and their partner Evergreen Recycling Institute have jointly launched the Global Environment Facility, (GEF) Small Grant Program Projects to provide critical livelihood support provided by the UNDP.
The project, which is expected to ensure the planting of about one thousand five hundred (1500) economically viable cashew trees in Sembehun, Grand Cape Mount County will also contribute to the provision of alterative livelihood support for several women in the business of farming and support their economic transformation.
Cashew production has been an important economic activity for many tropical countries, providing a variety of food and industrial products with the most notable of its products being the cashew nut. They’re rich in nutrients and beneficial plant compounds and make for an easy addition to many dishes.
“And because we have a woman as the Town Chief, we believe this project will be owned by the women of this town”, Yekeh Johnson, Executive Director, Peace Child Liberia, remarked at the formal launch of the project in Sembehun, Grand Cape Mount County.
He recalled that he was impressed by the warm reception his team received during an initial stakeholder meeting for the project held in the town. “Everyone including women, elders, men and youth came together and gave us the support. And based on that, I am convinced this project will be a success”.
In what was a reassurance of support to the success of the project, Isatu Kromah, Town Chief of Sembehun promised to continuously work for the success of the project. “We want you to take this town as your town and we will work together as one people. We are happy that you have come to help us”.
“This project is not only for Sembehun but it is for the entire Grand Cape Mount County. And so, we are happy to accept you”, Chief Haji Sumbai, Paramount Chief of Grand Cape Mount County said when he gave a traditional welcome to members of the project team.
UNDP Liberia, Small Grant Project National Coordinator, Samuel Boaikai encouraged would be beneficiary of the project to take advantage of the opportunities provided by ensuring that it is successful.
For his part, Samuel Koiboi, representative of the Evergreen Recycling Institute, thanked community leaders for opening their doors for the project. “We want to acknowledge the support of our sponsor, the UNDP who has been doing so well in supporting programs like these”.
Research has shown that cashews help to improve the overall health of human. They’ve been linked to benefits like weight loss, improved blood sugar control, and a healthier heart.
Cashews are low in sugar and rich in fiber, heart-healthy fats, and plant protein. They’re also a good source of copper, magnesium, and manganese — nutrients important for energy production, brain health, immunity, and bone health.
As well as the nut and fruit, the plant has several other uses. The shell of the cashew seed yields derivatives that can be used in many applications including lubricants, waterproofing, paints, and, starting in World War II, arms production.


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