LRA Boss Proposes Innovative Approach To Keep Monrovia Clean

Liberia Revenue Authority Commissioner General, Thomas Doe Nah

The Commissioner General of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Thomas Doe Nah, has urged residents of Monrovia to employ innovative initiatives aimed at keeping the nation’s capital clean.

According to Nah, Monrovia can be a cleaner city if its residents take self-initiative by cleaning up their homes, communities and environments.

The LRA Commissioner General said in his keynote message recently at the commemoration of the 43rd anniversary of “Monrovia Day,” that the constant dumping of dirt in the streets by some residents of Monrovia, who harbour the notion that the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC)  is responsible to clean the garbage from the streets, should be discouraged by all well-meaning Liberians.

He indicated that the onus of keeping the City of Monrovia clean should not rest on the City Government alone, but every citizen must get involved in ensuring that the streets and environment are clean, bright, and safe at all times.

“Citizens should take ownership of the city ordinance, smart city requires collective collaboration and partnership; think smart and brand the city,” Nah indicated.

He underscored the need for authorities of the MCC to introduce a policy that will compel residents in and around the city to always keep their homes, communities and environment clean without depending on government.

“The situation about waste in this country is not the huge pile of dirt on the streets and in communities, but the approach to waste disposals by citizens,” Nah stated.


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