Make Academic Competition Regular -Dr. Wolokolie Entreats CDC Youth League

Liberia’s Deputy Finance Minister for Fiscal Affairs and stalwart of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) , Dr. Samora P. Z. Wolokolie has nudged the Youth League of the ruling party to regularly hold academic events like quizzing and debates across the various political districts of Liberia in order provide a platform for young people as well as students to sharpen their intellectual abilities.

Dr. Wolokolie spoke at the start of a weeklong activities marking the celebration of President George Manneh Weah’s 55th Birthday on Monday, September 27, 2021 at the National Headquarters of the CDC in Monrovia.

He indicated that such events would espouse the President’s vision of ensuring that young people are provided the opportunity and space to pursue their educational goals.

The Liberian Fiscal Affairs Minister stated that students who were privileged to participate in the “George Weah Academic Excellence Quizzing Competition” should be cognizant of the reality that the road to academic success is not a bed of roses. “The road that leads to academic success is usually a rocky one. To attain success, one has to be determined, committed and hardworking. Success does not come on silver platter,” Dr. Wolokolie stressed.

Deputy Minister Wolokolie said it was farsightedness on the part of the leadership of the Revolutionary National Youth League of the CDC to have included academic activity on the list of events that marked President Weah’s 55th Birthday.

He disclosed that the Government of Liberia is “unambiguously and unflinchingly to providing the quality education to all who seek and you can rest assured that those of you who are determined to excel would be given the opportunity and means to do so.”

Dr. Wolokolie encouraged the participants to stay the course despite the challenges they face to complete their education because dropping out of school would put opportunities out of their reach.

“Dropping out of school is an academic travesty that has countless repercussions. High school or college dropouts deprive themselves of opportunities. It is better to be prepared and ready while awaiting an opportunity than to have the opportunity and not be ready or capable. I urge you to today to stay the course despite the difficulties and challenges. Never give up; never quit. Light will always be at the end of the tunnel for those who are ready and able,” the Deputy Finance Minister for Fiscal Affairs maintained.

He pointed out that the over past three years of the CDC led government’s leadership, the ruling party’s National Youth League has transcended being a potent political force to a reservoir of intellectuals of high academic standing.

“We are proud of the steadfastness of the Youth League and we have explicit confidence in their ability to remain the uncompromising gatekeepers that they have always demonstrated. This Youth League remains the foundation on which this party stands,” he added.


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