Maryland County: CDC Senatorial Aspirant, James P. Biney Identifies With Health Facilities Across The County

In an effort to buttress the government of Liberia in fight to prevent the spread of corona virus and need to up meant the County Heath Team with medical assorted material, the gesture of James Biney can be described as a relief to the County Health Team.

The humanitarian senatorial hopeful James P. Biney has donated huge quantity of medical assorted materials to at least ten clinics in the County.

The clinic benefited from the gesture of James Biney were:

Cavalla Clinic, Rock Town Clinic, Fish Town Clinic, Youkudi Clinic, Pulla Clinic, Gbloken Clinic, Barriken Clinic, Manalu Clinic, Karloken Clinic and Old Soloken Clinic.

The above mentioned Clinics received 10 boxes of O Stop Diclofenac Potassium Tablet which contains 2,400 packs.

The medicine Cue Fever, Backache, Toothache, Body ache, and Migraine.

The materials were presented directly to the towns leadership onwards to the OIC of each Clinics.

The medical assorted materials valued little over 2,500 USD.

The leaderships of the various towns, including OICs /Administrators have welcomed the gesture and extended thanks and appreciation to Hon. James P. Biney for remembering them, they described the gesture to be timely and promised that they will be used for the intended purpose, they referred to James Biney as ” the savior has come”.

Meanwhile, residents and Clinics’ OICs/Administrators disclosed that drugs have been a major challenge at their facilities.

The material were delivered by Dr. Dio Constance Chairman Biney Medical Team, Mr. Lyndon Wah Harris Co-Chair, Mr Jackson W. Williams Jr. Youth League Chair, Coalition for Democratic Change Maryland Chapter and amongst others made the presentation on behalf of James P. Biney.



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