Maryland County: Husband Killer Charged With Murder

Police in Harper Maryland County has charged one person for the murder of John Seshie who was discovered dead in a pool of blood July 27, 2020 at his Green Street residence.

According to police charge sheet, submitted by the detachment’s Chief Investigator Fredrick Smith, Mrs. Catherine Cooke Seshie, wife of the victim, was charged on the following counts; tampering with criminal investigation, tampering with physical evidence, lying and murder.

Maryland County Police Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Jacob Commehn, who presented the charges to the press Monday morning, said Mrs. Seshie has been remanded at the Harper Central Prison at Middlesex awaiting court trial.

The death of John Seshie has caused serious controversy and fear among residents in the county.
Before the conclusion of police investigation which led to the charging of John Seshie’s wife, there has been several conjectures and speculations about the way he died. However, the Court failed to open August 10 for its August Term.

Court Officials on the ground told our Maryland County correspondent, Edtu NT Morrison Tuesday that the delay is due to the failure of Circuit Judge Nelson Togba and County Attorney Aloysius Allison to turn up for the official opening, due to bad road situation from Monrovia where they went for their regular break.
The opening of Court for its August Term has been postponed to an unspecified date.

Two relatives of the accused wife of the late John Seshie, who was discovered dead in his bathroom July 27, have expressed dismay over Police handling of the case in Harper.
The relatives; E. K. Seton, brother of the accused woman, accompanied by a cousin Edward Stem, said among other things that even though they are not saying that their sister is guilty or not, they only want justice to prevail.
Edward Stem, who said he served on the 15-man Coroner’s Jury after the discovery of the body, accused Police of deliberately not taking some aspects of the report of the Jury into consideration.

He continued that the Jury also reported that they did not notice any foul play or a struggle in the bathroom if there had been a fight between victim and possible assailants.
E. K. Seton for his part dismissed rumors that there might have been a major misunderstanding between the late John Seshie and his wife Catherine, who has now been remanded after being charged by police in connection with his death.

He however admitted that there was “hauling and pulling” but that the matter was resolved by the deceased in-laws. He also admitted that the family of Mr. Seshie is accusing the family of the now accused wife of being responsible for the death of her husband.

This report was written by Edtu N T Morrison



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