MCC To Hire 500 Physically Challenged As ‘City Management Workers’

Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee

At least 500 persons with disabilities would now have an opportunity to join efforts by the Monrovia City Corporation to manage the nation’s capital under its latest sanitation scheme, the City Management Project, according to Mayor Jefferson Koijee.

This endeavor is intended to bring hope to the disabled, Mayor Koijee indicated at a recent news conference.

“It is part of MCC’s intent to empower persons with disabilities so that they feel included in the mainstream of society; they can also take part in making sure that the city be clean, green, and safe,” he added.

Now, the Mayor said the role of the beneficiaries would be to monitor skip buckets positioned throughout the city.

They will be identified as city management workers.

The Mayor warned that anyone caught disposing waste on the ground near the skip buckets or on the streets will be arrested and sent to court in accordance with the city ordinance.

The MCC has made it known that it depends on all sectors of society, such as the religious community, civil society, media, students and everyday people to ensure that the city of Monrovia is tidy at all times.

Moreover, Mayor Koijee noted that it was important that Monrovians to join the “Weah for Clean City” project launched sometime in 2018.

The municipal government of Monrovia says it is due to meet with community leaders at a symposium where they can be reminded or informed as to how they can significantly contribute to the well-being of their locales and by extension, the City.



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