Min. Da-Thong Stresses Need To Strengthen M&E In Education Sector


Deputy Education Minister Latim Da-Thong has said that the lack of adequate and efficient Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is one of the key challenges facing the education sector, stressing the need for improvement in this area by the ministry.

Da-Thong affirmed that there are many challenges within the educational sector of Liberia; however, he said, M&E must be strengthened notwithstanding the hurdles hampering the implementation by the ministry.

He said in an interview with a local radio station in Monrovia recently, that in order to adequately monitor the system, the ministry will need more logistics for County Education Officers (CEOs) and District Education Officers (DEOs) to work effectively.

Da-Thong indicated that, without logistics the CEOs and DEOs would not be able to monitor school activities and inspect schools throughout the country.

“Liberia’s monitoring system in the education sector is decentralized to monitor schools activities and see whether schools are adhering to instructions from the ministry, but if there are no logistics their workings will delay,” he said.

Da-Thong also emphasized that the lack of basic necessities to enhance the learning capacity of students as well as the lack of qualified teachers as challenges responsible for the poor performance of students in the country.

“We have high schools that do not have laboratories, libraries and text books, this is a huge problem in the sector because when students graduate from these schools they do not know what to do out there in the larger society,” he indicated.

The Education Ministry official noted that the quality of instructors in the classroom has not been the optimum, because there are not much-qualified teachers to present the educational materials.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Education Minister explained that the ministry is undertaking varieties of training and making interventions to improve the quality of teachers and the performance of students.

“In the next 2-3 years we will remove all unqualified teachers and bring in quality teachers to handle the affairs of the classroom,” he assured.

Da-Thong disclosed that the ministry is also working to ensure that vehicles of all CEOs are in a good condition, assuring further, that all those who do not have a vehicle will be provided one.

According to him, 50 percent of all DEOs will this month receive new motorbikes to enhance their working activities.


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