MPW Begins Demolition Of Structures In Waterways, Alleys


The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) has begun the demolition of structures constructed in waterways and alleys in Monrovia and its environs.

Making the disclosure at a Ministry of Information press conference on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Public Works Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan said the Ministry  can no longer condone the actions of those in violation of the zoning  laws of the country.

“The laws are clear, if anyone wants to construct buildings they should come to the Ministry of Public Works to obtain a permit; if anyone engages in construction without a permit, it is a violation of our laws,” Nyenpan pointed out.

According to the Public Works Minister, a lot of people and communities are suffering from floods because of “the refusal of some persons to do the right thing.”

The minister frowned on residents of some communities around the country who are in the habit of defacing roads or sidewalks by erecting structures without the consent of the MPW.

“In some communities people build speed-breakers in the middle of the roads and deface the road, and they expect the government to sit and  do nothing,” Nyenpan said.

He added: “We are moving out on those who think because of their personal comfort communities will suffer. They are mistaken,” Nyenpan emphasized.

He said the Ministry has observed that some of those that were alerted to stop construction have unfortunately started accelerating their construction works, adding, “We will not allow them to continue.”

Meanwhile, Nyenpan has indicated that the Ministry will on Friday publish the names of institutions and individuals whose structures are to be demolished.

At the same time, Nyenpan says the MPW has observed that some Project Affected Residents who were previously compensated by the ministry in some communities around the country have begun to encroach on the same land for which they were paid.

Nyenpan said as the Ministry of Public Works is about to begin the pavement of some community roads around the country it will not hesitate to demolish any structures in areas where people were previously compensated.

The minister maintained that though the government is responsible to compensate people who may be affected during the construction of roads and other projects, those who will deliberately violate zoning orders will become victims.


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