Nimba: New Yourpea Citizens Demand Investigation Into Kinsman’s Death

Citizens of New Yourpea in Kparblee Administrative District, Nimba County are calling on the government of Liberia to speedily investigate circumstances leading to the death of one of their compatriots who was involved in a recent motor accident that occurred on the 20th of October in Bong County.
The accident, according to eye witnesses left five persons dead instantly while another was allegedly murdered by dwellers of communities along the Gbakor hill-Monrovia highway.
Mitchell Karzon Zeaty was reportedly escaping the accident scene when he was allegedly overpowered by villagers who subsequently murdered him.
The villagers, according to some eyewitnesses have immediately trooped to the accident scene for the sole purpose of looting and vandalizing the vehicle, as it is the habit of most people who live long highways.
The alleged criminals also made away with money and other belongings of Mitchell and other victims of the vehicle accident.
But in a statement issued Monday October 26, 2020 by a group of Kparblee Administrative citizens under the banner: “New Yourpea Development Association” (NEYODA) the citizens expressed frustration over the alleged murder of their kinsman and called on the government of Liberia to sanction an immediate investigation.
According to the citizens, such barbaric act needs to be investigated by state security and perpetrators be made to pay for bear the full weight of the law.
“We don’t want to issue ultimatum to the government- that would sound disrespectful, but we are calling on state security actors to launch an investigation promptly. This is an act that is unimaginable in modern civilization and it must stop. People run to accident scene to rescue survivors and not to finish them up. With such a heartbreaking behavior that is always reported along  the Monrovia-Gbarnga highway during motor accidents and other disasters, we are calling on the government to investigate and bring perpetrators to justice in order to prevent its recurrence,” the citizens are quoted in the release.
The release from the Kparblee citizens came less than a week following a startling revelation by Nimba County Superintendent Nelson N. Korquoi,  that  other survivors of the tragic motor accident were murdered by villagers in the area.
“Following the accident along the Gbakoi Hill- that left several persons dead, victims’ money, phones and other valuable items were reportedly taken away by residents of communities along that highway”, media reports quoted Nimba County superintendent Nelson Korquoi as saying.
The Nimba Superintendent also alleged that some passengers whose dead bodies were discovered following the accident were murdered by residents who looted their goods, money and other materials.
“After the accident, I went along with my relatives on the  scene to retrieve some items ranging from goods, phones and money of the victims. But when we arrived on the scene, we were vehemently resisted by individuals who were already looting the truck that was involved in the accident”; the Nimba County Superintendent narrated the ordeal.
According to him, some citizens of Nimba County were angry and wanted to clash with those suspected of looting the truck, but he managed to calm the situation.
It was gathered that there were seven occupants of the vehicle, but five,  including Mitchell Karson Zeaty and Arlington Bue Wonyagror of New Yourpea, dreadfully lost their lives.
As it stands, circumstances surrounding Mitchell’s death still remain questionable, thus prompting the citizens’ call for a speedy investigation.



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