No Path For Cummings In CPP- Taa Wongbe

Taa Wongbe, Former Senior Advisor to ANC Political Leader and Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, on a campaign trip in Nimba

The former Senior Advisor to the Political Leader of Liberia’s opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Taa Wongbe said the decision of his former boss to go to bed with those he called “looters and evildoers” would prove detrimental to his chance of winning the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Number One slot in the ensuing primary as direly envisaged.

Mr. Wongbe said he advised ANC Political Leader, Alexander Benedict Cummings in 2018 that a collaboration that would see the ANC joining ranks with the former ruling party and others was “a very bad strategy and meant to weaken” his chance of getting even close to the presidency.

“They said Taa is not a politician. True, I am not. I am a strategist and that’s what I do extremely well,” the former Senior Advisor to the ANC’s Political Leader indicated in a post on his social media Facebook page.

He stressed that despite the tag of not being a politician, common sense “would tell you that you don’t negotiate from a position of weakness and that we were getting in bed with people we just described as looters and evil doers. But I am a soldier. When a decision is made, I accept and soldier on. We formed the CPP.”

He mentioned that while the process was being formulated the Political Leader of one of the constituent parties, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine died.

Mr. Wongbe conjectures that if the deceased Liberty Party’s strongman was alive and well till date, ANC and ABC would not even be mentioned by now. It would have been a done deal!

“Just imagine if LP had Montserrado, Bassa and Nimba…just imagine for one second! Add that to Lofa and Bong…it would have been OVER…”OVEN”…OVER,” Taa wrote.

He argued “with Boakai around and strong, there’s no path for ABC winning the primary within the CPP. None! Zero! Zip! Even if Boakai decides today that he’s not running, they will pivot somewhere else. Trust me!”

The former close confidant of Mr. Cummings thinks that the ANC’s supporters pushing the concept that the Alternative National Congress’ presidential hopeful would win the CPP top stop are wasting their time adding “stop the shenanigans. It’s not going to happen. Never.”

He suggested that if Alexander Benedict Cummings cannot go as VP to Boakai, he should leave the CPP immediately and start crafting a new course now. “ABC is an amazing guy with great ideas for Liberia, but with the current configuration, it’s an uphill battle,” he pointed out.Taa


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