No Polytechnic Status For YMCA -Liberia’s Education Authority Says

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with the National Commission on Higher Education wants to emphatically make it crystal clear that it has not issued any accreditation or license to the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) to operate as a Polytechnic College.

Meanwhile, the Ministry is aware of YMCA being operated as an after school Program for young adults and potential leaders especially in the periodic cycle of computer training program which they have been doing so well.

Therefore, they should continue so by offering the regular after school Program for the development of skills and empowerment of young Liberians for future challenges.

The Ministry is cautioning the public that YMCA is not a Polytechnic College and should stop misleading the public as a Polytechnic College.

Henceforth, the Ministry is immediately calling upon the management of the YMCA Board to desist from such fabrication. The Ministry is seriously warning the YMCA Board to withdraw the statement made that they have received license or accreditation from the Ministry or National Commission on Higher Education with immediate effect. Also, the Ministry does not issue license or accreditation to higher institutions except the National Commission on Higher Education.

The Ministry of Education is responsible to issue operational permits to Basic and Secondary Schools including Vocational and Technical Education.



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