The Management of the National Port Authority (NPA) has announced the introduction of a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) and Advanced Cargo Declaration System (ACD), internationally recognized standards and global initiative that monitor and verify cargo on transit to all Ports of entry in Liberia.

The CTN and ACD are  high technological methods  that provide real-time monitoring of security plan of vessels;  allows real time generation of advanced information on cargo, including type, origin, quantity and other shipment information; and  generates automatic information alert for the port of destination.

This system, when put into effect, will further enhance security and safety of ports and cargo ; prevent under-declaration of gross registered tonnage (GRT) of ship; prevent under-declaration and concealment of cargo;  improves revenue accruable to government ; hasten vessel reception and cargo clearance procedures;  reduce cargo turnaround  time and ultimate reduction of costs of doing business ; enhance the determination of freight cost and actual value of sea freight in the transport chain ; and provide credible data and statistics on oil sales, import and export volume among others.

The introduction of the CTN is in fulfillment of the Port Management’s vision to modernize its operations and facilitate legitimate trade in line with international best practices.

As part of the CTN/ACD implementation, the procedure for cargo security will ensure collation of reliable trade database to benchmark & protect Government revenue in import duties and taxes; plugging of identified loopholes and leakages in order to preserve the sanctity and integrity of Customs valuation of goods and freight.

NPA Managing Director, Bill Twehway, told newsmen on Wednesday, October 3rd that he held a meeting with leading shipping companies in Liberia to acquaint them with the new system expected to be put in place.

“We want the companies to be aware of the CTN and how the tracking system will operate at the various ports of entry. You and I know that many people do not declare the actual goods that are brought in the country; but if you are tracking the cargos that come in and leave the country and whatever tariff that is needed to be paid will be known accurately by the tracking system or the CTN,” he stated.

The NPA boss further said the ports of Liberia will be on path in order to meet international standard.

“If you are tracking the cargos and you know what is coming in or going out or what tariff needs to be paid, will be known and accurately. No shipping company will be denied if there is any problem. They will not, because the tracking will provide all the necessary information on the cargos.”

“Liberia will benefit economically from the operation of the company here,” Mr. Twehway has, however, instructed GTMS to make available to shipping Lines in Liberia all of the information on the tracking system to avoid embarrassment upon the establishment of the CTN.

“I told them to give all the information to the shipping lines because the guys need to be acquainted with them. I want them to read them well to ask all of the questions they have for our next meeting.”


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