NPA Suspends Buchanan Port Manager, Accomplice For Corruption

Reports coming from the Port City of Buchanan says the Manager of the Port of Buchanan Charles McArthur Gull is accused of acts of corruption. Mr. Gull is being investigated by security apparatuses in Buchanan for the missing amount of US$252,000.00 from the Port’s account. The money was payment from concessionaire ArcelorMittal. According to insiders at the Port of Buchanan, the money was taken from the account on an installment basis secretly by those holding signatory access to the account.

The Port Manager Gull and the acting Head of Finance have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation in connection with the missing money.
When contacted, the Public Relations Manager of the National Port Authority, Malcolm Scott said the Port Authority has suspended the Buchanan Port Manager, Mr. Charles D. Gull and Amara Kamara, Chief Statistician, Out- Station ports, with immediate effect without pay for “alleged financial impropriety”.

The two employees, according to a press release, will remain suspended until the outcome of an ongoing investigation which they have been subjected to.

These actions are in straight adherence to the NPA’s administrative axe against any of its staff who may be found punishable for acts inconsistent with the Port’s policy.

Details/ findings concerning the ongoing probe and subsequent actions by the NPA Management will be released to the public, the NPA press release indicated.


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