NPA,Port Operators Sign Resolution To Stop Go-Slow

The management of the National Port Authority, Custom Brokers Association, Port Truckers and constituted Multi Stakeholders bodies have agreed through a joint resolution to call off go-slow action that dogged the operation port for days. The port users’ go-slow brought normal operational activities at port but calm has returned.

All contending parties: Custom Brokers Association, Port Trucks, and members of a constituted Multi Stakeholders Body agreed to resolve issues of critical importance to enhance operational efficiency and quality service delivery at the Port.

It follows fruitful roundtable conversion on the necessity to call off the Go Slow Action in the interest of the state.

Consistent with the resolution, the following points have been agreed upon for action:

That APM Terminals and the National Port Authority agreed to the waiver of storage fees and overnight charges accrued by shippers from April 29, 2021 to May 5, 2021;

That Parties impacted by the clearance of backlog and challenges notify the Ministry of Commerce.

That, in view of the lack of adequate equipment, APM Terminals should issue a 48hrs window to all customer receiving pickup ticket/entry permit;

Ministry of Justice has written APM Terminals for the re-instatement of the 24 workers; – APM Terminals has indicated that they are in consultation with their legal team for action;

The National Port Authority (NPA) and Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) with the Ministry of Commerce and all other agencies related to cargo exit have agreed to keep the port exit gates open up until 9P.M daily;

That the Minister of Commerce must clears all import notification forms of frozen and non-frozen commodities; Minister of Commerce will take cease of the matter at a subsequent meeting as agreed by all parties;

That all shipping lines drop charges on reprinting of Delivery Orders and set up a uniform service charges for all Delivery Order – All Parties agreed that the matter be discussed in the first stakeholders’ meeting scheduled for June 4, 2021;

LRA and parties agreed that the issue with the Asycuda System will be addressed through continuous discussion;

That a multi-stakeholders port working group be established to address all cut crossing issues arising out of his joints resolution – the working group will comprise of representatives from each of the parties to this resolution;

That the existing working group which is not functional and will be reactivation; The first meeting is scheduled for June 4, 2021

That APM Terminals reopens the Amaco Gate,so as to reduce massive traffic congestion on the UN Drive in front of the Freeport of Monrovia, NPA , LRA and APM Terminals will review possibility of opening the gate.

Those who signed the resolution include  Abraham Kamara, President, Port Truckers Association (PTA); James L. Hinneh, Jr., President, National Customs Brokers Association of Liberia (NCBAL); Dominic Nimely, President, Patriotic Entrepreneur of Liberia (PATEL); Mr. James M. Strother, President, Liberia Business Association (LIBA); Mr. Erickson Trocon Brown, Head of Operations, APM Terminals Liberia;  Bill Twehway, Managing Director, National Port Authority; Mawine G. Diggs, Minister, Ministry of Commerce & Industry; and Thomas Doe-Nah, Commissioner General, Liberia Revenue Authority.

Hon. Gonsan-Zeo Mensah:
Asst. Minister for Trade Union & Social


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