Oo-Ed: One Reason They Despise Pres. George M. Weah- He Gives The Young People Platform They Couldn’t Share

Written By: Foday N. Massaquoi

The political system in Liberia was crafted in an old age selfish manner that young people were selected only as mere followers. The traditional politicians will tell you that young people shouldn’t be given bigger platform. Some elites believe that youths shouldn’t have assess to opportunity/ies because they’re young. This has been the sad reality for many decades.

From 2005 to 2017, the political class wrongly stereotype the younger generation. They said “ We were useless for empowerment “ but “ useful to make them leaders.” But thank God for Amb. George Manneh Weah that came to the presidency through the tireless efforts of many young people that were insulted and harassed for supporting and believing in him. He didn’t disappoint those courageous young people. He empowered and inspired them to be paragons of change. Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, Min. Alvin Wesseh, Hon. Josephine W. A Davies, Hon. Mohammed Bamba, Min. Esiaka Sheriff, Hon. Mamensie Fomba Kabba etc. are demonstrative facts.  

Amb. Weah is not a regular rhetorical politician. He believes In impacting positively then exploiting. He might not be that traditional politician but one thing that distinguishes him from any politician is his ability to give young people the platform to explore/utilize their potentials. The man is no saint but his abnormal impactful empowerment of young people will go down in history forever and that’s why those overage bandits hate him to the core. 

Well, let’s retrospect for a moment about the multiplicity of young people Pres. Weah appointed into his government and you’ll understand why the man will be forever love and adore by the younger generation. 

Ahead of August 24 famously known as “ Flag Day” in Liberia, I did a logical research to inform our people and the world that Pres. Weah is affording young people the platform they ( Opposition forces) couldn’t share. 

Let’s take a quick view of Unity Party Ellen Administration last Four(4) Flag Day Orators in comparison with CDC Weah – led government first Four (4) Orators with youthful participation:

*UP Ellen last 4 Flag Day Orators

  1. Dr. Evelyn Kandakai; 2012

Date of Birth: March 6, 1950 ( 62yrs)

  1. Dr. Augustine Konneh; 2013

Date of birth: August 24, 1959(54yrs)

  1. J. Emmanuel Bowier; 2016 

Date of Birth: Jan 1, 1950 (66)

  1. Madam Christian Tolbert Norman; 2017

Date of birth: November 18, 1943(74)

*CDC Weah first 4 Flag Day Orators

  1. Atty. Phil Tarpeh Dixon; 2018

Date of birth: August 29, 1985(35yrs)


 Date of birth: July 25, 1955( 64yrs)

  1. Hon. Mamensie Fomba Kabba; 2020

Date of birth: Oct 23, 1989 ( 31yrs)

  1. Hon. Millias Z. Sheriff; 2021

Date of birth: September 15, 1985( 36yrs) 

Fellow compatriots, the historical analysis is unarguable. UP Ellen neglected the young people while Pres. Weah is prioritizing the younger generation. Madam Sirleaf last 4 Flag Day orators were all grandparents. Because she believed that only overage people should be given such platform. For Pres. Weah, decent and brilliant young people are dominating his first 4 orators. 

To the young people of Liberia, desist from allowing those overage bandits to use you as puppets against a man that is giving the younger generation a space to utilize potentials. 

You can hate Pres. Weah for all you like but just know that we will support, adore and celebrate him always for giving young people the platform they couldn’t share.

A brief summary of the 2021 Flag Day Orator Educational qualifications:

  1. Hon. Millias Z. Sheriff is the Assistant Minister at TVET. He holds a BSc. Economics (Cum laude)/3.275….AMEU
  1. MBA (Finance)/3.53…Cuttington 
  1. Master of Education Administration and Supervision   ( M.Ed)/3.72…Cuttington 
  1. Prospective Graduate…Gabriel L. Dennis Foreign Service Institute (FSI)

Congratulations Min. Millias Z. Sheriff. You have the blessings of over 1.5 young people while orating on Flag Day. Go and make us proud.

“ Power to the People!“

About The Author:

Foday N. Massaquoi is a Columnist, political analyst, Inspirational Speaker, Youth and Civil Rights Advocate. He is also a proponent of Liberia’s progressive forwardness. He is currently serving as the National Secretary General of the CDC – Council of Patriots. He can be reached via: fodaynmassaquoi@gmail.com or contact # 0770659485.


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