Oniyama Is Not Your Cash Pond –A Note To Racketeer Almaz Jalloh

Almaz Jalloh alias Antric Jalloh, the purported lady who was raped

By Mariama Stephens

The story of rape is nothing to write home about due to the knife-like connotation. This does not include the pseudo claims made by Almaz Jalloh in her open letter addressed to the Minister of Gender Children and Social Protection, Williamena Piso Saydee-Tarr.

As a woman, the news of another woman being raped would wreck my nerves. But when a lady chooses to blackmail men of reputable stature in society with the sole intent of making illegal money because these men are afraid of having tainted character despite the falsity, then it behooves all well-meaning women to protect our unique gender by exposing a racketeer in Almaz.

In her open letter, she premised that she has been having sex with several men. It is sad for a young lady to admit to being a sex media. She went on to make a litany of claims against renowned businessman and Diplomat, Professor Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama that he purportedly raped her. The alleged rape victim in her own letter acknowledged that the businessman expressed interest in her and she consented but at the same time claim rape. How can consensual sex be rape in the first place? That’s one aspect of the contradiction in the blackmail campaign Almaz Jalloh and her cohorts have taken to social media Facebook and newspaper pages. Another omitted link is that she got two children from the interaction but chose to mention one in her letter. The fact that a lady who was raped the first time went back to the same person after few years to have another child while controversies over the first one remain unsettled sends chill down the spine of many reasonable people.

Almaz wrote another letter in which she said “nobody heard about this rape case until it appeared in the newspaper.” This statement contracts earlier allegation that she reported the case to the Liberia National Police for redress.

Here is the point to ponder: Ms. Jalloh is seeking justice in her letter but via the internet. The purported incident took place in 2013 but it was reported in 2018 for the first time.

It is established that Prof. Dr. Oniyama has been supporting the first child on humanitarian grounds as a father and compassionate person. Shockingly, this racketeer embarked on a scheme to exploit the man’s kindness by claiming that she was pregnant again even though he had stopped having any intercourse with her. Hence, he stopped helping her with the child until a DNA proves that he is the father. Expectedly, my good friend went amok to arm-twist businessman Oniyama to continue to give her money at her convenience. This was a risk Dr. Oniyama refused to toy with the siren of exploitation was blaring bright in his face.

Almaz has launched a manhunt for everything that carries Dr. Oniyama’s name to post scandalous comments that impugn on his impeccable business reputation.

Despite four DNA tests results show that Dr. Oniyama got connection with the children, Almaz is sparing to effort in making sure that the businessman is coerced to fall to her whims.

Given that the smear campaign has intensified, Dr. Oniyama is seeking court’s intervention in clearing his name of the damaging deliberate smear campaign against him.

In his 33 counts lawsuit, the businessman narrated that as a means of bringing the impasse to an end, he sought the intervention of the Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFFEL) to guide the process for a third paternity test for both children.

He said, in the petition, that upon arrival of Almaz and the children in Liberia from Belgium, they [Oniyama, Almaz Jalloh and AFELL agreed upon the medical facility or institution to conduct third paternity test and that the specimen to be forwarded to said institution would be handled and were accordingly handled by Ms. Jalloh and AFELL without the participation of Dr. Oniyama. Therefore, the court document says the specimen were collected and obtained from the purported father, the mother and her two children by Dr. Martha N. Zarway, CEO and Medical Doctor, Kingdom Care Medical Foundation and forwarded to the DNA Diagnostic Center in the United States of America for testing. The result of this third test indicated that the he [Oniyama] is not the biological father of the children.

She again rejected the genuineness of the third paternity test, an action which led to the conduct of two additional test by separate facilities in the United States – Laboratory Corporation of America, Burlington, North Carolina and INTELLIGENETICS DNA Laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia – with both giving the same result that Oniyama is not the biological father of the children, leaving him to believe that Almaz masterminded the result of the first DNA test.

It is a commonplace in many African countries that women would resort to blackmail to get money from their victims for survival. But it is gladdening that Prof. Dr. Oniyama is smart enough to discern the plot and close the flow of money from the pond Almaz thought she had created.

It is extremely disappointing that women across the world are seeking meaningful ways to make living but Almaz and her likes see sex as a commodity to use at the detriment of decent people just to make money.

About The Author: Mariama Stephens is a Liberian student studying Criminal Justice at AME Zion and a Social Justice Advocate. She can be reached on marstephens@aol.com or via mobile +231(0) 778459470


Disclaimer: The Views Express In this article are of the writer and not M-News Africa.


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