Oniyama Seeks Court’s Intervention In “Blackmail” Ploy

Almaz Jalloh alias Antric Jalloh, the purported lady who was raped

In the wake of deliberate smear campaign against him by a mother of two children Almaz Jalloh, businessman Prof. Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama says he is going to seek redress through a court of competent jurisdiction for the injury caused to his reputation by the lady.

The Liberian Businessman said the “smear campaign” is being popularized in the media and on the internet with the sole intent of blackmailing him, injure his good name and hard earned business and bring him into public ridicule and disgrace.

Dr. Oniyama, in a press statement issued over the weekend of February 16, 2019, said he did not rape the lady in question and  the children for whom she is  seeking support from him are not his as evidenced by several DNA tests results conducted in the United States, Liberia and Nigeria.

He added that Ms. Almaz Jalloh’s frustration stems from the fact that he stopped supporting her and the purported children of his after DNA tests results show that the children are not for him. In essence, Dr. Oniyama has been supporting Almaz and her children until the DNA tests proved otherwise.

According to Dr. Oniyama, if Ms. Almaz Jalloh claims that she was raped by him or she has children for him whom he has refused to support, the public smear campaign will not give her redress as her claims are criminal in nature and only the court can settle it.

He admonishes the purported rape victim Almaz to take her so-called grievance to court where he will be glad to meet her.

For months now, Ms Almaz Jalloh has been playing to public gallery to buy sentiments against the Liberian business since news of rape and sexual abuse connote a piercing feeling more especially when children are reported to be involved.

After running amok on social media Facebook for months with her accusation, Almaz Jalloh wrote an open letter and addressed it to Liberia’s Gender and Social Protection Minister Williamena Piso Saydee-Tarr.

In the two page letter, Almaz is asking Minister Saydee-Tarr to prosecute Dr. Oniyama instead of the Ministry of Justice since the claims are criminal in nature and his recent diplomatic status be revoked.

Interestingly, investigation conducted shows that the alleged victim is claiming to have two children for Mr. Oniyama but elected to leave that aspect out of her open letter for unstated reasons. This omission of a significant fact from the purported complaint leaves much to desire.

Almaz confirmed that she has two children allegedly by Dr. Oniyama but chose to mention one in the open letter because she “did not want to make the letter long”.

Pundits are mulling over the possibility of a rape victim going back to the perpetrator to get a second child while the controversy over the first one still remains unsettled.

Another point left of the letter which she confirmed via telephone from Belgium is that five (5) DNA test were done under the supervision of the Female Lawyers Association of Liberia (AFELL) and only one result showed 99% accuracy- the one entrusted to her. The rest of the results showed Dr. Oniyama had no connection with the children in terms of paternity. Two of the five tests were done in Georgia, the United States at the US DNA Diagnostics Center with Almaz’s consent.

According to the alleged victim, all five of the tests results were compromised in favor of Dr. Oniyama because they did not show any link to him. She did not however contact the center to ascertain the credibility of the result since she was doubtful but took to Facebook to launch a smear campaign.

Our investigation also found that it was Dr. Oniyama who requested the DNA to prove that the children are his because his character was on the line.

This allegation, according to our investigation, was never reported to the Ministry of Justice or the Liberia National Police for redress.


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