Senator Zargo Basks In Misinformation Against Mayor Koijee In “Misguided, Political Statement” -Lofa Youth Want Him Grilled

Liberia does not go another election until 2023 but the dust is already clouding terrifyingly for some politicians who are regarded as abysmal performers since their elections. 

In Lofa County, Senator Steve Zargo is basking in misinformation against Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee -an influential figure in the county tagged as potential candidate to unseat him [Zargo] if he chooses to contest for the county’s senatorial seat. 

Senator Zargo told a news conference in the aftermath of the July 26th violent protest before the United States Embassy that Mayor Koijee is the mastermind behind the unfortunate situation and should be reprimanded by President George Weah. 

Although the Lofa County Senator fell short of providing evidence for his assertion as the Senate Committee Chairman on Defense, Security and Intelligence, he entreated President Weah to take action against Mayor Koijee for reason sole known to the lawmaker. 

The Senator’s statement has drawn ire from a consortium of youth organizations and other citizens in the county that his comments are “outrightly pointless and politically induced outbursts”.

The young people comprising youth and student leaders of Lofa representing various administrative districts and various national youth organizations to include Federation of Liberian Youth, Mano River Union Youth Parliament and Lofa Youth Caucussaid they are seriously embarrassed by the recent statement from Senator Zargo, “which was largely misguided and politically motivated, released on August 2, 2022

The young people indicated that it is sad that a lawmaker who sits in a critical position at the Liberian Senate would indulge into acts that are unrepresentative of a national leader and elect to spew out misinformation to score political points under the guise of speaking on critical national issues instead of being preoccupied with the thought of dispensing independent security advice for the general benefit of the country. “Senator Zargo should desist from using the Chairmanship of Defense, Security and Intelligence of the Honorable Liberian Senate for personal, selfish political gains. We believe it’s high time the senate considers whether Mr. Zargo who’s consumed in political bigotry should continue to hold a crucial position as Defense, Security and Intelligence Chair or an independent, professional Senator should.

We are even deeply concerned by the broad day hypocrisyof how Mr. Zargo who constantly stirs up tribal confusion in Lofa county and has come under several public condemnations on his campaign of hate and tribal rhetoric can now suddenly turn out to be a person ‘’concerned about security,” the young people said.

They accused the lawmaker of making statements that fuel tribal dissents in the county ever since he was elected.

“Is it the role of the Defense, Security and Intelligence Chairperson to make such statements that serve as major conflict triggers? We urge the Honorable Liberia Senate to Subject Mr. Zargo to an immediate probe over these kinds of statements.

Further in his statement, Mr. Zargo who only got up from his deep sleep after the president and international community had given their positions on the July 26 saga, deliberately chose to distract public attention from his massive failure as Security & Intelligence Chairperson to gather information, forewarn, and possibly deter subversive and violent activities in the country, by throwing tantrums at Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee who he now sees as a major threat to his failed political maneuverings in the county,” the youth groups said in a statement issued in Voinjama City. 

They argued that “Mr. Zargo’s futile attacks on one of our own, Mayor Jefferson Koijee is sheer egotism and fear tactics being employed by the outgoing Senator who is only hanging on straw at the moment.

Mr. Zargo is nearing the end of the road as Senator and no fruitless and disparaging statement can save him at the moment.

Mr. Zargo is currently seeking relevance at the expense of Mayor Koijee after dismal performance for approximately eight years and absolutely nothing can have him politically resurrected.”

Mayor Koijee is yet to respond officially to the accusations against him that he masterminded the July 26th protest that turned bloody. 

President George Weah has strongly condemned the situation and instructed that the perpetrators be prosecuted in accordance with the law. 

Several young people have been sent to court on multiple charges for their alleged role in the protest.


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