Social Good Summit Re-emphasizes the effects of climate change in Liberia

The United Nations Development Programme in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency working closely with the UN Volunteer Programme, is hosting a Social Good Summit Thursday 26, September at the New Kru Town Hall.
The summit is an annual event hosted across UNDP Country Offices across the world with the aim of bringing together progressive leaders, activists and stakeholders to discuss and galvanize into action, issues that impact the global village.
Held during the United Nations General Assembly week, the Social Good Summit has a powerful impact uniting a lively community of citizens around a dynamic exploration of the world we want to live in by 2030.
This year’s theme centers around Climate change. It resonates even more with Liberia given the drastic impact that climate change has had on the country over the last few years. It also links innovation and technology with youth development
This problem is further compounded by erratic weather patterns, increased risk to disaster, emissions and pollution. Communities in New Kru Town, Smell No Taste, Buchanan and West Point including the coastal counties have been greatly affected by floods and erosions which are occasioned by heavy rains and advances from the sea thereby destroying lives and properties every year
Hence, the UNDP in Liberia aims to convene and energize activists, local community organizers, women, youth and volunteer groups and other relevant stakeholders in recognizing the need to re-emphasize the devastating effects of climate actions and how Liberians can unite in tackling/mitigating such effects.



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