TRIBE Launches Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp

TRIBE, a rising education social enterprise has launched the Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp for high school students in Liberia. The Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp (YEBC) is a four-week hybrid program consisting of virtual learning and in-person activities, primarily focused on Entrepreneurship and Digital Literacy. The program is the third in a series of Edutech and Entrepreneurial Leadership virtual learning programs initiated by TRIBE since the Coronavirus outbreak in Liberia.

Dedicated to its mission of empowering a new generation of purpose-driven young Liberian entrepreneurs, innovators, and storytellers, TRIBE designed the Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp to inspire confidence and build the competence of high school students, hence preparing them for the future of work.

The Boot Camp intends to bridge some of the learning gaps in Liberian high school curriculum, introduce high school students to the process of virtual learning, connect and enhance students’ entrepreneurial and digital literacy skills for job creation and employment opportunities. All live virtual classes will be conducted through TRIBE’s Zoom platform. Students will conduct weekly group activities through Whatsapp groups and access learning resources through a customized Google Classroom.

Solomon G. Mahn, the Director of Programs at TRIBE stated that students will participate in virtual entrepreneurship classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, collaborate in teams on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and participate in Master Classes and on-site visitations on Fridays. He emphasized that the program activities are tailored to inspire students to develop entrepreneurial mindsets while improving their relationship building, leadership and other relevant professional skills.

“We are making intentional efforts to prepare students with the knowledge, skills and network to identify and find solutions to problems in Liberia. Young Liberians have to understand that wherever there are gaps and constraints, there are potential opportunities for self empowerment. We need to stop seeing development challenges within our communities merely as lapses of government but as opportunities to impact lives and make a difference. In this regard, the YEBC offers a new learning experience for Liberia high school students. Unlike the traditional learning practices, students will work in groups to develop social impact projects, attend weekly master classes and journey on onsite-visits to some leading enterprises in Liberia to get a feel of what being a change-agent really is, ” Mahn stated.

“We are bringing students face-to-face with leading entrepreneurs in an effort to inspire them and give them a deeper understanding of the workforce,” he stressed.

Lexanndine Taylor, Director of Strategy and Development said the Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp is rigorous and promises to be exciting, fun and healthy.

“We are working hard to give the students a new and amazing learning experience in a safe and healthy manner. Our team will mentor the students all through the program. We will follow all the health protocols during our on-site visits and regularly update parents about students’ progress and program activities,” she said.

Three weeks ago, TRIBE launched a fundraising campaign to cover program expenses and run a scholarship drive for low-income students. “We have raised 63% of our budget and have acquired partnerships with four youth-driven ventures. Most of our individual donors are close friends and fellow young professionals who do not only believe in our theory of change, but are willing to support our mission morally and financially; and we cannot be more grateful” James Kollie, Co-founder and Administrator of TRIBE stated.

TRIBE is proud to partner with Kreative Zone, J-Palm Liberia, Mano River Youth Parliament and Youth Connekt Liberia in implementing the Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp, which officially kicks off on July 28, 2020 through a live Zoom session.

TRIBE is a social enterprise inspiring and empowering a new generation of purpose-driven young problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and storytellers. The institution is creating innovative programs and digital solutions to improve learning outcomes and prepare high school students for the future of work.



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