UBA Liberia Makes Financial Transaction More Convenient- Launches Platinum MasterCard


Since its entry into the banking sector of Liberia, United Bank for Africa (UBA) has not fell short of innovative ideas that make financial transaction stress free and provide services to customers that are found nowhere else. The launch of the Platinum MasterCard in Liberia on Friday, September 14, 2018 marks another milestone in the Liberian banking sector- a welcome to the world of rare privileges; a luxury that fits your lifestyle with mind-blowing benefits and second to none insurance security.

Speaking at the launching ceremony in Monrovia, the Managing Director of UBA Liberia, Mr. Olalekan Balogun said the introduction of the Platinum MasterCard in Liberia is meant to pamper big spenders and those who travel widely in order for them to additional option to the already existing visa debit and prepaid cards. He said this platinum card will fill the void that would be left at certain points where the VISA cards cannot be used.

According to the UBA boss, UBA Liberia actually launched MasterCard in Liberia 2017 with the aim of providing additional options to customers who are card users so that they would not get stranded at some point when they go to places where visa cannot be accepted.

Mr. Balogun stressed that this card is about luxury; style with a lot of interesting benefits. Those who travel widely will appreciate the introduction of Platinum card more.

Nonetheless, the introduction of this innovative mode of money transaction did not come on the spur of the moment but following a look the Africa’s global bank customer base and placing them into segmented categories, according to Mr. David Ojo, UBA Head of Digital Banking.

Mr. Ojo stated “we took a look at our customer base and decided to segment them into categories.” Hence, the card’s introduction became necessary particularly because it holds mouthwatering benefits for users since in fact it gives back some of what you [spenders] spend.

“The theme of this launch is ‘Welcome to the world of rare privileges. We look at high earners and high spenders. It is for every customer. It can be used at over 1.9million ATM across the world. This allows you to get discounts from certain merchants in the world especially in European shopping village. Card also has insurance that would reimburse stolen cash.

As a Platinum cardholder, he said you can count on exceptional privileges, advanced protection, extra features and select benefits intended to make customers feel valued and special.

For Madam Aminata Sackor, General Manager of Aminata and Sons, a long time customer of UBA Liberia said the introduction of platinum MasterCard in Liberia speaks volumes of the innovation UBA continues to bring into the banking sector of Liberia.



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