Unmasking The Naked Deception Of An Underachiever Darius Dillon- Jefferson Koijee, Operations Head CDC National Campaign Team, Writes

Woke up to the revolutionary call to lead Operations ahead of December midterm Senatorial election for my treasured party, the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

It brings me great enthusiasm once more to be called to duty, this ecstasy of working for party yea Liberia and Liberians is a feeling I cannot imagine. I am always fired up to serve!
Beyond this call is a task to fulfill, an election to win and a country to govern and we won’t exchange those duties for anything, we are indeed excited for the call.
To jumpstart OPERATIONS let me be quick to say, I have heard the outgoing Senator and his group of lazy folks raise envious and deliberate falsehood ahead of their already crumbling endeavor:
 Candidate Thomas Fallah according to them built a school and his family is in charge
 They continue, Candidate Fallah used state resources to build his school &
 The school remains Fallah’s personal property so it shouldn’t be considered an achievement
In the first place, why do I call this envious; the outgoing element has been an underachiever all his life though with huge advantage to grow beyond his peers. Fallah who he’s older than and must have achieved greatly beyond, seems to be far ahead of him. From an outstanding family, schooled amongst elites from his early days and gainfully employed with Taylor, Sirleaf, Snowe and others, he has little to show; too sad, so he gets terrified that Fallah, a guy from the plank field managed his life so well and built a university, clinic and high school that thousands from the least of society benefit from today.
It’s an insult to the thousands of students of T-Five University, people of Paynesville and Liberians in general that he would personalize a university effort meant for the improvement of the masses lives and agenda for selfish political reasons, how could he? What logic is that; here are the antithesis to that limitation:
Denominations the world over build universities and colleges out of mostly tithes, offerings and donations yet people pay to attend and mostly people of their faith get gainfully employed. Two advantages here: the employment it creates for qualified members, in Fallah’s case his qualified family and associates and the benefit to people who enroll in getting quality education just next door. Don’t we praise the Catholics, Methodists, Episcopalians and Muslims etc for the services they provide our country through health, education and others? Don’t we as a people also pay for these services though gotten through tithes, offerings, donations etc? Our praises like we do for Fallah, Montserrado next senator is simply because thousands of people benefit from this investment through quality education that can help to support their families tomorrow. If it became a free educational program how do teachers and other employees get paid? If Fallah had placed said school in the government’s budget, despite the contributions it’s making to Liberia which is justifiable, the opposition would have still taken it out of context. All they do is make noise even when the masses celebrate! They are the most unhappy people alive.
Is Dillon and his gang of losers saying it’s bad for PYJ to build a university in Nimba or Jeremiah Koung a hospital or Rep. Samuel Enders a school? How disingenuous can one be! These are social services that benefit the masses and are welcoming. Every Liberian has a duty to the country but yours is simply fruitless noise making outgoing senator.
Before Fallah’s university, thousands of people in Paynesville had to come to central Monrovia for tertiary education, many had to stop schooling as they could not afford transportation, the T-Five University is a redeemer; today, citizens and residents of Paynesville and parts beyond now have access to a university just next door.
Today, quality formal education is provided, vocational education that is now a revolution of the 21st century is being taught to uplift hundreds out of poverty through the T-Five University and we are excited to share in as a party and government of the Fallah’s generosity.
Why won’t this outgoing Senator be angry about such a brilliant and nationalistic initiative, the reason is simple; he’s an underachiever who uses bulk of his earning not on national endeavors that the people should benefit from like Thomas Fallah, he uses money on cigarettes, liquor and pageantry.
He forgets too soon that from Robert Sirleaf’s bedroom they ran the country, used 10.5 million of NOCAL funds to build substandard stadiums that are all in ruin today. He became the mouth piece of these makeshift stadiums erected by Robert Sirleaf, even though it was established that the money used was stolen from national coffers. The ‘Credible’ outgoing senator should be telling the electorates where’s the report for the use of that money and other excesses he participated in. He’s a mere attention seeker.
This known extortionist of a character, knowing that he’s drowning politically has begun stealing from the same people he promised to take out of poverty by launching a dollar rally and raffle draw. Has he forgotten as broke as he was, the people gave him a mandate without him asking them for a dime, now that he’s earning hugely and timely from the government he says is underperforming, he’s refusing to invest in his own campaign due to the foreseen defeat.
I wonder if the people are not asking him the hard questions on this campaign: is the economy out of the toilet since he became senator? Are Liberians fully now out of poverty? Has he changed everything about Liberia that he couldn’t do when he stayed with the Sirleafs? You see loser Dillon, these were the real promises you made when you ran for office and you are yet to achieve on any! Salaries and gift to county are personal but the national issues that you promised would have rescued a dying group of people has all fallen on deaf ears. Aren’t you embarrassed!
It’s this failure of a senator that will get you go to ceremonies with very poor turnouts and out of embarrassment gets smuggled into your vehicle saying you were attacked; where’s the attack when you spent hours campaigning, walking fruitlessly in Duala to an empty hall unhindered? Let’s be serious Dillon, no one is after you, you are already a drowning man.
Out of frustration, you now threaten the highest seat of our country yea the peace of Liberia on 13th September with such naked quest to remain senator after performing dismally. It was a complete stage managed attack after you freely walked and had an event for one hour till the last minute when an excited man raised his hand to greet! What’s in that video that shows tear gas, machetes and dangerous weapon? Till date after being reprimanded by international partners, you are yet to display a single fact to your accusations, your threats to take the country back to chaos has been red flagged!
We are aware of your plans not to accept the results and cause havoc after your December defeat out of desperation and shame but you can be assured of a credible process watched by international partners that the credibility of this election remains unmatched and you will be defeated; you can go to bed on that!
I am not surprised your son and other immediate families stay abroad and you have no serious risk at home so you can endanger the lives our citizens for your naked quest for power.
Given massive failure of your score card, you have reverted to being a noisy guy, attention seeking kid with nothing to show except naked deception. You’ve made no impact for a year now since taking office and no tangible whatsoever to show, that’s why Montserrado should reject him uprightly.
Is it not this same Dillon who said he would by now be all out campaigning for other CPP candidates nationwide as Montesrrado was already won by him? Has he shown one photo campaigning in any county for anyone since? A very deceptive and unserious character!
Is it not Dillon who said he would use a cheaper car when he ascends to the Legislature? Today he rides in a 45k jeep of tax payers money, the same poor people were robbed by the man who professes to be the game changer; don’t be misled fellow citizens, there’s a traitor amongst you and not a savior, a hustler par excellence and a failure; don’t trust him, he betrayed you!
In the Sirleaf’s government this outgoing Senator watched happily when Robert Sirleaf and other senior officials that he dined and wined with sought foreign treatments; today he sees all wrong about JFK though this government under the erudite George Weah has been able to give JFK a remarkable outlook with the nation’s first dialysis machine now available.
Liberia now has two Pathologists of their own and others are being trained and even when foreign pathologists are needed they come in time to render services for the country like yesterday; aren’t these accomplishments? The naysayers don’t see these, they are mere doomsday’s preachers!
You cannot use sentiments to get an employment Mr. Outgoing; today JFK is far better with the first fully functional OPD (Out Patient Department), Operating Theatre has been transformed from severe leakage, ICU (Intensive Care Unit) which never existed is to be completed soon, eighteen students are out for professional training abroad. Today, an additional dialysis machine is being procured for Liberia, One DNA Machine in country and another also being procured. All these are noteworthy progress of this government that when you had a seat at the Sirleafs table you remained mute about, it’s hypocrisy!
Like George Weah from the slums of Gibraltar, Thomas Fallah remains one of us, from a humble beginning, a plank seller, a grass rooter and man of visible tangibles, someone Montserrado can count on.
We remain grateful to George Weah for the opportunity to serve this generation with honesty, perspicacity and shouldering the masses agenda as there we too come from. Our people can be assured we will not let you down. Thomas Fallah is a revolutionary icon, tried, tested and proven worthy of the duty he’s called to.

Vote Thomas Fallah, vote CDC, move Montserrado forward! Stay off violence and let’s make this election about us, for us and only us! In the end, it’s our generation that matters


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