Unmasking The Naked Deception of Dillon; A Beneficiary Of An Accidental Electoral Tragedy- Part 2

When we tell you that this underachiever and hypocritical outgoing senator Dillon lacks the courage to truly fight for the people, others argue, but once again history has proven us right. Recently his senate colleague, Hon. Saah Joseph disclosed on national radio that some lawmakers including Hon. Dillon received Ten Thousand United States Dollars as medical allowances.

Hon. Dillion, a beneficiary of an accidental electoral tragedy who said he would announce every penny he gets on Capitol Hill labelling his colleagues as corrupt and milking the nation unjustly, failed to announce to his constituents the 10K he received. We are stunned by the silence of Senator Dillon since this startling revelation by his colleague. Can his silence be a consent? Unlike the past where he will hasten his way to the microphone for his usual showboating.
How deceptive can one be? Receiving a huge amount that can solve some of the prevailing health situations in the country in the wake of what this outgoing senator would normally say an ‘economy in the toilet’ amongst other falsehood he spews daily about Liberia, yet takes ten thousand for medical reasons which could be done free for him at the refurbished JFK.
The questions Dillon hasn’t answered are: is the health situation better now that he alone is benefiting ten thousand USD and not placing said in the health budget? Why didn’t he announce the amount to the public as promised? What did he use the ten thousand for? Which hospital did his medical bill amount to a whooping 10K? Where are the receipts to validate his transparency?
We were also told by Sen. Joseph on the same platform that this desperate hustler pocketed another ten thousand extra for sitting fees. Wow, people of Montserrado, did this outgoing Senator also announce this? Despite Sen. Joseph readying himself to release documents to this effect, it remains a challenge for the outgoing Senator to disprove these grave accusations.
The government, with gains made in the health sector, keeps being bashed by naysayers like this failed senator who refuses to make any policy prescriptions or source support to his constituency or the nation but keeps robbing the system for his personal benefit. While some of his colleagues like Saah Joseph are using their medical benefits to bring tons of medical supplies and equipment to the country, Sen.Dillon is merry making with tax dollars.
This is the most dishonest person I have seen but not surprised as Montserrado is waking up to a new call to reject him this December. He’s a fraudster appealing to the sentiment of the people to sail politically but this won’t happen, not under our watch and while the people are alert.
Dillon was just yesterday milking Liberia as a faithful member of the Sirleaf’s kitchen so his actions today are not surprising at all except that all of a sudden he is now a changed man wandering the streets in white priestly gown for political dividends at the expense of our unmatched reputation.
Such naked deception is what marvels me, that our people he refers to as being in “abject poverty” will be deceived by a master schemer who takes ten thousand USD in medical benefits and another ten thousand in extra sitting fees, all taxpayers dollars not his private firm, which he barely has, but deceitfully requests money from the same ‘poor people’ to fund his campaign, such an irony, isn’t it?
The sooner we realize Dillon’s schemes, the better we can all number his days as he is already hanging on a chaff ready to be ejected at the ballot box; deception has no place in our fledgling democracy.
We challenge the outgoing Senator as he campaigns to openly brief the public about the twenty thousand he is said to have received and how it was used for the public good and not his personal aggrandizement. We are eager to hear him.
It can be recalled sometimes ago that Pro Tempore Albert Chie who accused Dillon of receiving three thousand USD for poll watchers and overnight outreaches to public officials after his usual showboating for public sentiment. Under the cover of darkness, he smuggled his way in the Pro Tempore’s living room seeking every nickel he could lay his hands on. As part of the Pro tempore’s narration, he gave Dillon 7K USD weekly during that period.
In one of the most controversial issues that rocked the senate over operational cost bonuses, Dillon deliberately lied of receiving just six thousand USD and was even criticized by Hon. Prince Johnson who reported a higher figure as well as Hon. Jonathan Kaipay who reported a whooping eight thousand USD in total contradiction to Dillon’s cooked up figures to appease his followers.
Dillon remains disingenuous in many ways dating as far back as his rejection of the man who made him politically, Cllr. Charles Brumskine, when he jumped onto Unity Party for cash leaving his party fate hanging in the crucial 2011 elections. Like Brusmkine now grieves in his grave, so is Cummings being stabbed by this fraudster.
Right within the CPP, there were inconsistencies, lack of credibility and Voter Perception Survey done without other parties of interest witnessing; yet a candidate was picked in complete contravention to better electoral and primary practice and fairness.
Miller Catakaw, a disenchanted CPP member with interest in District 9 wrote ‘Finally, we caution that the CPP’s Chairman upholds the image of the four political parties he temporarily chaired, as CPP heads nothing short of that. However, it is paramount that the CPP conduct a primary to prove to our international and local partners that we have overcome the nightmare at the Ganta CPP primary, some few weeks back.’
CPP Catakaw continued ‘We are confused as to why our Chairman of the CPP has to conduct himself as an imperial deviant and internal dissident. His flagrant violation of the framework document is gradually undermining the cohesiveness of the CPP. We anticipate a face of the CPP in Electoral District #9 and this can only be done through a credible and transparent primary process void of short-hands exchanges from the superfluity of the Chairman’s desperation.’
I wonder why the disingenuous outgoing senator failed to address these critical issues of national concern as raised by Miller Catakaw or defend the CPP’s head as he comes under attack but was later seen in a photo opt with a candidate that is not the choice of the majority of their party though he supports soccer star James Debbah. His glaring deception is just all over the place.
It’s good to hear that high profile figures in the CPP leadership are gradually coming to reality given speeches made in the public glare by this con artist that in the CPP no one is ordained to be Standard Bearer. To name Cummings, Boakai and Urey as not being ordained as Standard Bearer exposes Dillon’s dubious intent for the Presidency. The failure to name a head of any revolution or coalition as we did decades back in the CDC, implies a sense of conspicuous deception.
It’s an irony, arrogance and continuous deception when you’re canvassing on the shoulders of the CPP and key actors but don’t recognize a head. Cummings is becoming a victim of your chicanery too early. You people have conspired and swept him off the five traditional political counties: Nimba, Bassa, Lofa, Bong and Montserrado while he presides as Chairman of the CPP with limited powers.
If Cummings cannot have a say as Head of CPP, what guarantee does he have to become a Standard Bearer? I can only hope and pray he opens his eyes and surrounds himself with true loyalists who are able to detect the political catastrophe ahead of time.
Lastly fellow Liberians, there have been debates in the corridor about a good instrument, the Code of Conduct for Public Officials, the interpretations by people of moral standing and stakeholders and the debate that ensued lately are welcoming.
We in CDC remain grateful that it took our national radical stance to protect what you the people gave us three years ago that has garnered such public attention about the CoC which was butchered right before our eyes by Sirleaf and her followers; some today sitting in the opposition and crying foul.
How do they forget so quickly that all of them were on different campaigns from Senator to Representative and President proudly parading while also holding appointed positions? Sheer hypocrisy as always, we are not surprised, losing the opportunities to loot our country once more hurts more than anything. That’s a scar they will carry for decades.
For the record 5.1 and 5.2 of the CoC do not name my role as Mayor (Constitutionally an elected position) being one of those roles barred from taking part in political activities; for the framers of our constitution knew as Mayor of a City, you interact with people from diverse political backgrounds in a particular locale; basically the role is political.
We will continue to protect and respect these laws and work in the spirit of reuniting our party, standing up for causes and developing a framework to run an effective campaign and come home with victory.
Additionally, let me be quick to say, which role is non-political when a Presidential (A political office) appointment makes these functions automatically political due to the vested interest to aid the President & his government in the national drive to prosperity. The law even becomes unfair when it gives lawmakers and others an unfair advantage over other political actors in the country, law should be for all, not a selected segment. we will be calling for a repeal of the act if and when necessary.
I need not pause to say, the outgoing Senator Dillon remains a composition of deception for generations now and the future and is irredeemable as Abraham Lincoln would say “Human action can be modified to some extent, but human nature cannot be changed.”

Note: This article was written by Jefferson Tamba Koijee, Chairman, National Youth League, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)  


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