“Until Issues Of SGBV Are Eliminated, Our Task Is Incomplete” -VP Howard-Taylor Tells Delegates at Generation Equality Conference in Malawi

Liberia's Vice President, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor

Liberia’s Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel
Howard-Taylor has addressed the 2022 Generation Equality Conference organized
by the Government of Malawi in coordination with The Joyce Banda Foundation
(WED) and some international  NGOs.

The 3-day conference held in Lilongwe, Malawi
according to a dispatch from the Office Of the Vice President,  discussed issues of gender equality with the
holding of plenary sessions with Young Women and Men.

As a Special Guest and one of the panelists,
madam Vice President who addressed the conference on the theme “Growing
and Glowing as a leader against all odds,” highlighted three groups-
women, youth, and mothers as leaders.

Speaking to Women, the Vice President said:
“God has given each of us all the inherent traits we need to succeed.
Let’s join forces, work together and change the World”.

According to the Liberian first female Vice
President, the youths are the PRESENT but must be willing to be purified
through the fires of Life; then become Valuable.

Speaking to the mothers whom she considers
the third group of leaders, VP Howard-Taylor stressed: “The task you began
is not complete until issues of SGBV are eliminated from our lives.”

On the sidelines of the conference, the
Liberian Vice President who is also the Founder of the Jewel Starfish
Foundation, met with beneficiaries of her foundation in Malawi and some
high-level dignitaries attending the conference.

VP Howard-Taylor, who also formed part of the
Panel of female leaders telling their success stories, asserted that she was
amazed by the stories of the  former  President of the Central
African Republic Catharine Samba Panza and 
a Former Freedom Fighter and former Vice President of  Zimbabwe
Joyce  Mujuro.

“I realized that our stories were
similar. They were patriarchal systems that believed that women should be at
home, and if we dared to move into male-dominant spheres, we would have to go
through the baptism of fire, the Vice President said. But through it all, VP
Howard-Taylor emphasized: “We each learned to stand, preserve, grow and
glow; as we traveled our Life routes.

Meanwhile, the 3-day Generation Equality
conference organizers have honored Malawi’s President  H.E Lazarus
Chakwera as a true HE4SHE CHAMPION.

Under the Presidency of President Chakwera,
national figures show a minimum of 40% of women in all government sectors
except the parliament. This condition will soon join  the large numbers of females across all

At the honoring ceremony, Vice President
Howard-Taylor hailed President Chakwera for the honor, reechoing that he is
genuinely a HE4SHE champion.


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