Vehicles License Issued In Lofa For the First Time

The Lofa County Service Center in collaboration with Transport Ministry authorities in Lofa County have for the first time begun issuing license plates to vehicle and motorbike owners in the county.

The exercise started on Monday at the Lofa County Service Center in Voinjama City.

The issuance of license plates by the Center, which is the first time since it was established by government in 2017, is intended to decentralize and promote government’s revenue generation.

The Center was established in 2017 to provide services such as issuance of license plates; marriage and birth certificates, business registration certificates, among other services, to improve revenue generation and bring such services to the people.

Presenting several vehicle license plates to acting Lofa County Service Center Coordinator, Mr. Peter Teah, the newly appointed Ministry of Transport Lofa County Coordinator, Mr. Francis Woiwor, lauded government for the initiative.

Woiwor pointed out that the establishment of service centers in the county would now afford vehicle and motorbike owners and ordinary citizens the opportunity to obtain such services with ease.

remarks, acting Lofa County Service Center Coordinator Teah praised Transport Ministry and county authorities and other stakeholders for working tirelessly to ensure that the Lofa County Service Center is equipped, opened and ready to serve the public.

Woiwor and Teah also indicated that the Service Center is now ready to issue licenses and other services to the public.

They promised to work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders in the county to ensure that the Service Center and transport sectors of the county are improved and ready to provide efficient services.

They used the occasion to call on all sectors of the county, including the Federation of Road Transport Unions of Liberia (FRTUL), Motorcycles Union of Liberia, media, and joint security to buttress the efforts of government to provide more public awareness about the importance and issuance of licenses and services at the Lofa County Service Center.

Also making remarks at the event, Lofa County Development Superintendent, Samuel Mulbah, lauded government, and pledged the county leadership’s unwavering support to the process.

Meanwhile, Lofians and other residents of the county have welcomed the initiative by government, noting that the Service Center will support their activities, especially obtaining marriage and birth certificates and business registrations and licenses.


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