VP Howard-Taylor Addresses AWLO Induction 2019 in Nigeria ~ Encourages Women to Persevere in their Desire to Develop

Liberia’s Vice President , Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor, is encouraging women to step out of their comfort zones if they must be empowered, stressing that empowerment demands adequate preparation and extreme sacrifice.

Speaking to a cross section of women entrepreneurs in Calabar, in Nigeria’s Cross River State, Vice President Howard-Taylor emphasized that if women must rise to the occasion, they must be aware of what she called the two “F” in their lives.

According to the Liberian first female Vice President, the two “F” represent faith and fear, explaining that though fear may come along the way, women must be focused and determined about their goals in life.

According to a dispatch from Nigeria, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, who described empowerment as having the ability to do and overcome, noted that women have so much to offer the world, their children and individual countries.

The Liberian Vice President expressed the belief that if women desire to be empowered to reach their dreams and destinies, they must keep in mind that there is no short-cuts to becoming what they dream of becoming.

Madam Vice President made the statement Sunday December 15,2019 at the End-of-Year Conference and Induction/Awards Program of the African Women Leadership Organization (AWLO).

Earlier, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, for first time experienced the true meaning of a Nigerian cultural carnival, a traditional dance performance deeply rooted in the Nigerian culture.

Seen with deep excitement on her face VP Howard-Taylor and the Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency Senior Professor Ben Ayade, walked through hundreds of Nigerians who turned out to witness the event.

Cutting the ribbon to the streets that will be used for the annual carnival, the Liberian Vice President encouraged Nigerians to love and respect one another and as well allow humanity to be the center of their daily lives.

She opined that all African countries are one; as God created everyone in the same like.

Also speaking, the Governor Professor Ayade described the Liberian Vice President as the mother of Africa, a political icon and an advocate.


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