VP Taylor Charges Senate To Cultivate Impactful Work

Liberia’s first Female Vice President, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor has told members of the Liberian Senate at the opening of the 4th Session of the body Monday that during the ensuing sitting it is the hope of the Liberian people that the work of the upper house “will yield positive effects on the lives of the common citizens throughout the length and breadth of the nation.

Madam Jewel Howard Taylor said the hope of the Liberian people should spur members of the Liberian Senate into creative work with the backing of the Constitution of Liberia to chart a course that will definitely take them into the future of their dreams; “with no more excuses, apologies and promises for another day.”

“For truth being told, you are members of the ‘First branch of Government’ and you have the full authority to make their dreams come to reality,” emphasized VP Taylor.

With this foremost in our thoughts, VP Taylor noted that members of the Senate must realize the realities of the awesome responsibilities which “weigh on our collective minds; and which beckons each to work to fulfill the sworn oath of office taken.”

VP Taylor, who is president of the Liberian Senate, maintained that the true responsibility and assignment of members of the Senate is to make the people safe, prosperous and happy.

She acknowledged that the nation is faced with a storm of challenges, ranging from high insecurity, lack of banknotes, high cost of living, a sluggish economy, lack of basic services for the majority of the people as well as mistrust, and distrust, among others.

However, VP Taylor subsequently referenced that in spite of the attending difficulties, Liberia’s democracy is alive and growing stronger; and that the voices of the Liberian people were loud and clear in the just-ended 2020 Special Senatorial Elections.

“They have sent a clarion message to all and sundry that they no longer accept things as they are; but they expect much more from their Representatives at all levels,” she cited.

Among other things, the Liberian Vice President pinpointed that as the Liberian Senate prepares for its duty, it is imperative that members are reminded about trending national issues that have beset Liberia over the past years.

Some of the critical issues which should claim the attention of the Senate, she said, include the rising cost of living, limited basic services for all; minimal opportunities for growth and development, high taxation and the high crime rate across the nation.

According to her, these prevailing issues are further compounded by the alarming incidence of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence being perpetrated against “our most vulnerable citizens – girls – under the age of 18 and at times as young as two-years-old; and the sodomy of our sons.”

“These ever increasing numbers tend to show that our society is slowly degenerating at an alarming rate, with very little permanent solution at hand,” she stated.

She noted that if permanent solutions to these societal ills are not found and measures put in place to secure a safe society, “you can be assured that in the minds of our people, these lapses will not only cast doubts on our collective ability to govern, but they will also cast doubts about our ability to give our citizenry the nation they truly deserve.”

“Though this is a collective responsibility for us all; the National Legislature as the First Branch of Government and the direct Representative of the people will be held primarily responsible for attending results,” she emphasized.


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