William V. S. Tubman University Dismisses Allegation Of Supporting James Biney

The communication Department of the​ ​ William V. S. Tubman University in Maryland County headed​ by Mr. Solo Otto Gaye has dismissed allegation that the institution is supporting a candidate for the Maryland County Senatorial seat in the upcoming Midterm Senatorial Election to be held across the Country.
According to Mr. Solo Otto​ Gaye​,​ the university is independent and its doors are opened to accept any candidate wanting to promote and share their Political Manifesto with​ ​ the students and arrangements should be made through his department.
He asserted that aspirants are to seek permission from the office (Public Relation Office of William V. S. Tubman University) before giving appointed time to go on the campus to address the students.
Gaye lamanted that it is rumuored and speculated that the University is Supporting the Coalition for Democratic Change Candidate James Popee Biney in the Upcoming Midterm Senatorial Election to be held on December 8 2020 adding that this information as false and misleading.
“If People are supporting Candidate James Biney or Senator H Dan Moria’s is been done on a individual basis , Tubman University is an education Institution not Political ,we are not supporting anyone,” he stressed.
He also said battle cry is not allowed during school hours.
TU​ have​ some political parties (SUA and CSMTU) on the campus of the University that bring students together in large numbers to battle cry while students are in the learning process but this will not be allowed, according to the school’s Public Relations Officer.
He lamented that the Department of Public Relation of the University will work with any Senatorial Aspirant or Candidate who wants to interact with the students on the Campus of the University.
The head of Department of Public Relation at the William V S Tubman University clarification comes a week after it was speculated on social media, Facebook by some students and Community members that the University was fully supporting the candidacy of James Biney.​



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