“You Are The Carrier, Creator Of Your Destiny” -Cuttington University Commencement Speaker Howard Taylor

First Female Vice President Chief Dr. Cllr. Jewel Howard Taylor has reminded
members of the 60th Graduating Class of the Cuttington University that they
should not join the caravan of complainers and naysayers who would not dare
take charge of their destinies because it will sap their energy to settle for

her address as the 60th Commencement Convocation Speaker, Vice President Howard
Taylor stressed that change should begin with the new graduates because they
are “carriers and creators of their destinies.

the change begin with you as you are the carrier and creator of your destiny;
never allow others to change things for you. You must build what your eyes have
seen and your heart believes. For though daily realities are constantly
changing, everyday miracles are happening all around us, destinies are being
forged and wonders abound everywhere. So, find your star and reach for it,” she
told the graduates.

The Liberian
First Female Vice President pointed out that while it is true that life puts
people into situations that they have to pull themselves by the bootstraps,
there are others who are privileged to be born under bright skies with the fate
of life already in their favor.

pointed out that those in favorable situations would grow up believing that
life is at their beck and call because of the unlimited opportunities available
to them. But she said “if they are not conscious of the reality that life
always requires one to make decisions in order to grow, they could squander
those opportunities in spite of the abundance.      

60th Commencement Convocation Speaker emphasized that the great “equalizer
between both points of view is that – regardless of which side of the coin a
person finds himself or herself, each one has to make a choice; as they
perceive how the circumstances life has handed them can be used to either
remain stagnant, change their situation around for the better in spite of
challenges or move from a life of dreams into a realm of unlimited

in mind, she said that the ultimate test of the success of man is how they
respond to circumstances which life throws their way; thus putting people is
categories of the WEAK or the STRONG.

The Liberian Vice President is of the belief that it is “only fair to remind
one another at this point, as we each ponder the many questions in our hearts –
that after all the studies, exams, pomp, pageantry and the celebrations: the
main issue remains “where do we go from here?” and
“How can we use the magnet of illumination to make magic in our lifetime?”

answer for those who see the glass half empty, according to her, is the
realization that their situation is a result of past and or present choices
made while those who see the glass half full think that by sheer human will,
all one has to do is close their eyes, imagine the world they want to live in;
see beyond their present circumstances; and put in plans to build their dreams.
knowing that all things are possible once you believe.

She indicated that it is important to look beyond the circumstance of life
since it helps one consider the whole picture; not in bits and pieces as times
and circumstances show; but one complete piece; seeing the entire spectrum –
from beginning to the possibilities of a great finish.

“For the minute one is able to see beyond their current circumstances and view
the entire spectrum of possibilities, their perception changes and hope is

for me, initially I looked at the position of Vice President as a beautiful
parked car in a garage.

I asked myself; why had a country girl from very humble beginnings been lifted
to this high Office?

then perceived that I was an agent of change whose prime responsibilities was
to spread inspiration wherever I found myself; and help lift the spirit of
inspiration of women and girls and youth across the nations of the world. You
see upon this changed mindset – from a beautiful parked car to an even more
beautiful vessel of inspiration my focus changed,” she told the audience.


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